Do you remember when your mother used to tell you not to take candy from strangers because you could be poisoned, raped, kidnapped…?

Now it turns out that people are letting the most psychopathic, corrupt and miserable riff-raff on earth ejaculate inside their bodies whatever substance they want, knowing how cruel, treacherous, liars, genocidal and murderers they are.

All because they have put fear into them with cartoons that they put on TV every day, day and night.

People are not aware that they are allowing the most despicable people to have total control over the population because if they have the power to put whatever they want in people’s bodies they can make them sick, murder, sterilize or do literally whatever they want with each one of us.

That power should not be held by anyone, your body your decision. But if anyone could have that power they would have to earn it over many years and have everyone’s blind trust in them, which these wretches have not done.

On the contrary, they have shown all their cruelty, evil and psychopathy.

I can’t understand how people can’t see that this has already gone too far …

Jesus Gallego

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