The road to a new world order

By Mike Yeadon

Phase 1 – Simulate a threat and create fear. (December 2019-March 2020):

  • Create a pandemic in China.
  • Kill tens of thousands of elderly.
  • Increase the number of cases and deaths.
  • Present vaccination as the only solution from the beginning.
  • Focus all your attention on Covid-19.
  • Result: (near) widespread panic.

Phase 2- Sow the seeds of division. (March 2020-December 2020)

  • Impose multiple unnecessary, liberticidal and unconstitutional coercive measures.
  • Paralyze commerce and the economy.
  • Observe the submission of a majority and the resistance of a rebellious minority.
  • Stigmatize the rebels and create a horizontal division.
  • Censure dissident personalities.
  • Punish disobedience.
  • Generalize PCR tests.
  • Create confusion between cases, infected, sick, hospitalized and dead. -Disqualify all effective treatments.
  • Hope for a rescue vaccine.
  • Result, (almost) generalized panic.

Phase 3 – Provide a treacherous and deadly solution (December 2020-June 2021):

  • Offer a free vaccine for all.
  • Promise protection and return to normalcy.
  • Set a collective vaccination target.
  • Simulate partial economic recovery.
  • Hide statistics on side effects and deaths from injections.
  • Pass off the side effects of injections as “natural” effects of the virus and the disease.
  • Spreading the notion of a variant as a natural mutation of the virus.
  • Justifying the continuation of coercive measures by not applying the herd immunity threshold.
  • Sanctioning health professionals for the illegal practice of care and cure.
  • Result: doubts and feelings of betrayal among the vaccinated, discouragement among the opponents.

Phase 4 – Install Apartheid and the QR code (June 2021-October 2021):

  • Voluntarily plan shortages.
  • Impose the health card (QR code) to reward the vaccinated and punish the resistant.
  • Create an apartheid, of the privileged against the rest.
  • Take away the right to work or study from the unvaccinated.
  • Take away basic services from the unvaccinated.
  • Impose PCR payment tests on the unvaccinated.
  • Result, first stage of digital control and impoverishment of opponents.

Phase 5 – Establish chaos and martial law (November 2021-March 2022):

  • Exploit shortages of goods and food.
  • Paralyze the real economy and close factories and stores.
  • Make unemployment skyrocket.
  • Impose a third dose of the “vaccine” (booster).
  • Resume euthanasia of the elderly.
  • Impose compulsory vaccination for all.
  • Extend the myth of variants, vaccine efficacy and herd immunity.

Demonize antivaccinationists and hold them responsible for deaths.

  • Arrest opposition leaders.
  • Impose a digital identity (QR code) on everyone: birth certificate, ID card, passport, driver’s license, health card….
  • Impose martial law to defeat the opposition.

Result, second stage of digital control and imprisonment or removal of opponents.

Phase 6 – Cancel debts and dematerialize money (March 2022-September 2022):

  • Trigger economic, financial and stock market collapse, bankruptcy of banks.
  • Withdraw money from individuals’ bank accounts to compensate for the banks’ losses.
  • Activate the “Great Reset”.
  • Dematerialize the money.
  • Cancel debts and loans.
  • Impose the digital wallet. (digital wallet)
  • Seize property and land.
  • Ban all medicines worldwide.
  • Confirm mandatory biannual or annual vaccinations.
  • Impose food rationing and a diet based on the Codex Alimentarius.
  • Extend measures to emerging countries.

Result, third stage of digital control and the establishment of N.O.M. throughout the planet.

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