They locked us in our homes for weeks with unconstitutional “states of alarm”. Nobody pays for it. They imposed the permanent muzzle in public spaces to healthy and sick people, against the criteria of the WHO and a multitude of governments throughout the planet. They omit explanations, and most of us shrug our shoulders. They also declare unconstitutional the “closing of Congress” at the beginning of the show. And nothing happens here. A number of fellow citizens -still undisclosed- got out of the way (they committed suicide, come on), without the mass media having devoted hardly any time to them, devoted as they are to whatever the master’s voice commands. Wonderful. Inoculation in droves with a substance they call vaccine, when it is not (dictionary in hand). Long queues to receive the jab. Hundreds of thousands of sanctioning files were opened against those who zealously complied with the law, while cool cops, punks, or both, extended the paperwork with a pouting and perverse gesture. Cool. They made us enemies among neighbors, among relatives, among strangers eager to inform on anything that moved without a mask or with a dog. But don’t worry, because “we came out of this one more human”. No comments.

What’s next?

It could seem that this is halfway back on track. Or perhaps -a hypothesis that cannot be ruled out- they have decided that the macroexperiment has already borne enough fruit to loosen the rope (less PCR, and we have reduced the number of cycles: goal accomplished), and seen that we celebrate with youthful merriment the permission to see us smiling again (or showing our fangs, depending on the bad temper of the staff), without expressing too many uncomfortable reflections, because THEY allow themselves the luxury of giving us the colorful cupcake, so that when the moldy bread comes back it will taste like blessed glory. And he will come, if he is not already here, comfortably installed among us, laughing at how easy it is to bend us with a tall tale (the joke came out by itself). From now on, at least we know that our legs will be broken for no reason in a dreary alley, and that we will jump for joy when they subsidize part of the cost of our crutches. Alas!

We have learned a multitude of new terms: pandemic, polymerase chain reaction, coronavirus, arn-messenger, antigen, aerosol, asymptomatic, social distance … Does this mean that we are now more cultured, or that we are more prepared for who knows what apocalyptic future scenarios? I don’t think so. Because we assume undaunted that a “terrible pandemic” kills a ten-thousandth part of the population, or that PCR tests are ineffable, or that coronaviruses appeared as if by magic at the end of 2019, or that … I am about to find someone among the standard citizenry who knows here and now the arithmetic average of the number of daily deaths, from all causes, during the last decades. “It says on TV that yesterday another twenty died of coronavirus.” “Yeah, but how many?”. “Ah, no idea. Well, very well …

I’m afraid that we will come out of this just as uneducated, although infinitely more aboriginal. Let’s put both parameters together, understanding the inevitable synergy that this entails, and we will obtain as a result a half desolate, half depressing panorama … and perhaps irreversible.

Let there be no doubt: now THEY can move on to the next phase of THEIR plan, confident that if we have swallowed this social crisis amidst evening applause, general indolence and shrugging of shoulders, much more cannot be expected from a tribe that has always flaunted its “rational” nature. Was this what “rationality” was supposed to be? For once life puts us to general examination, this is the pyrrhic result. Well, well, well …

What’s the next phase of YOUR plan? No fucking idea. But this doesn’t look good at all. From my moderate atheism, I pray every night that the worst is over. And I’m not referring to the “health crisis” (which was never such), after all, mere excuse to accelerate little or no virtuous projects.

We are seeing it.

Kepa Tamames

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