Organized Crime: COVID-19 and ANTHRAX-01 – Interview with Heiko Schöning

Heiko Schöning “It is indeed so that we now have the best chance in more than a hundred years to overcome this system, this criminal system in which we live. The real difference compared to the previous years and decades, when there were already war lies that led to the death of millions of people, is that now, here in the West, people are paying attention. Because too many people, including myself, have turned a blind eye to this organized crime for decades. Millions dead in Vietnam, in Iraq – did we really care?

Did we do all we could? And now it’s our turn. And herein lies the main message. Now we must, as parents, as civil servants, as officials, as responsible physicians, all of us, must unite and say: no to the mafia! Because sooner or later it will touch us and we are realizing that now, economically and physically. Not only are we treated with contempt, controlled, indoctrinated, but our lives are in danger, as well as those of our families.”

Presenter: Heiko Schöning, founder of the Covid Research Commission and vice president of the “World Freedom Alliance”, has just published a new book. The title is “Game Over.” Faithful to detail, as well as comprehensible, it demonstrates over some 500 pages that COVID-19 was a planned crime. Eighteen years earlier, the perpetrators of today’s crime committed a similar crime with the deadly anthrax bacterium (ANTRAX-01), as if it were copy and paste.

Kla.TV made a program on the anthrax attack (in French:/ Also in 2001 panic has been fanned, emergency laws were enacted and mass vaccinations were carried out. The bizarre suicide of the sole designated culprit, Dr. Bruce Ivins, and his connection to the anthrax vaccine manufacturer, Emergent BioSolutions, caught Dr. Schöning’s attention. This led to years of discreet research. The knowledge gained enabled him to publicly predict in September 2019 that another pathogen-related panic would occur in 2020, a few months before COVID-19.

The criminal details and his powers of deduction led him to the following conclusion: Emergent BioSolutions and those in charge are preparing much bigger things. But organized crime is playing for keeps and will lose the game when the criminals are exposed, it will be “Game Over” for them!

In his exclusive interview with Kla.TV, Mr. Schöning gives a first look at his explosive revelations. Please help us unmask the criminals hiding in the shadows by broadcasting this topical hot interview!

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  1. Hello
    I would like to buy that book
    Study it and then make my own judgement.

    How can i buy it from you. In english. Because i do ot understand german

    Thank you very much


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