Nobel Peace Prize Laureate attacks the disinformation of technology monopolies in the middle of the ceremony

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize went unnoticed because it went to 58-year-old Philippine journalist Maria Ressa, who launched a furious critique at the award ceremony in front of the royal family in Oslo.

Ressa directed her attack against the big tech monopolies (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft). He said they were killing free information and spreading a toxic narrative about the pandemic.

“Their almost godlike power has allowed the virus of lies to infect us all, turning us against each other, bringing out our fears, our anger, our hatred and paving the way for the rise of authoritarian leaders and dictators,” Ressa added.

After a career in which she has covered corruption and human rights violations in her country, the journalist criticized the global domination of large technological monopolies over public opinion, as well as the denial of reliable facts and information “essential in times of pandemic.”

The Philippine Court of Appeals authorized Ressa, who is on probation, to travel to Norway for only five days for the award ceremony.

Ressa’s speech is a valuable contribution at a time when most journalists have become mere mercenaries writing at dictation.

For proof serves a button: a few days ago Instagram, or Facebook, censored a quote by Thomas Paine written in 1776. “He who dares not offend, cannot be honest.” The “fact checkers” said Paine was a liar and removed the quote from the internet.

The chairwoman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, Berit Reiss-Andersen, expressed concern: “Bringing information to the public can by itself prevent war. The role of the press is to lift the veil of aggression and abuse of power, thus contributing to peace.”

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