The trick they use to count vaccine deaths as unvaccinated: You’re still counted as unvaccinated for months after you get a shot.


You may get your third booster today, but legally you are still on file as unvaccinated for two more weeks.

In that time, they can start a new booster and downgrade you to unvaccinated.

Anything that happens to you in the months between these booster shots shows up in the unvaccinated statistics. And if they keep this up, you can have an unlimited number of vaccinations without ever officially appearing in the statistics and records of the vaccinated.

It is a perfect crime, but only as long as it is not investigated.

Now consider all the random deaths falsely labeled as Covid deaths in 2020-2021, and flu and pneumonia on the way out.

That’s two years of vital health statistics rendered useless. And that has an impact on all the larger studies that include those years. Imagine starting a five-year study in 2016-2019 in which flu statistics are paramount. Goodbye to the study!

Medicine has been fatally compromised and we must start a new one almost from scratch.

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