Alleged ‘horned skulls’ found in excavation site

The discovery of strange remains around the world is nothing new and, in fact, they are classed as “anomalies”. Perhaps one of the most surprising was a horned skull found in Sayre.

During an archaeological dig in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, in the 1880s, several human skulls were unearthed. The anatomy of all were correct, except for a few horned skulls.

These were 2 inches above the eyebrow, and the “man” who owned that skull was about 2 metres tall.

The Bradford horned skull
In the late 1880s, a team of scientists made an expedition to northeastern Pennsylvania, near the New York State border.

The group included the state historian and 2 professors, as well as a member of the Presbyterian church hierarchy. They made their way to a town called Sayre, where they became interested in a number of burial mounds.

P.G. Donehoo of the church and Professors A.B. Skinner and W.K. Moorehead of the American Museum of Research and Phillips Academy in Andover took the team to the site to begin a careful excavation. What they found came as a complete surprise.

While painstakingly excavating the earth and rocks, the expedition came across several skeletons of men. The date of the burial of the skeletons was estimated to be around 1200 AD.

So far, it was not unusual. They then did the routine work of measuring the remains and taking a close look at the structure.

Surprisingly, the men had been over 2 metres tall. Quite an astonishing height for the time.

But most enigmatic, they were skulls with real horns that were an integral part of each skull. Impossible though it may seem, they were 2.13 metre giants with horns who died 800 years ago.

What really happened?
Excited experts carefully wrapped up the remains to send them to the American Museum of American Research in Philadelphia for further examination. At the facility, experts puzzled over the mysterious skeletons for months.

Later, it was claimed that the skulls had been lost, misplaced or stolen from the museum. Neither Donehoo, Skinner nor Moorehead described the discovery of human skeletons at Sayre as having gigantism or horned protrusions in their official excavation reports.

The articles about these horned skulls somehow disappeared and were never seen again.

Why did they hide these results? Although there is no way to prove this, it is strange how there is not a single piece of evidence, either, of the research or of the burial mounds.

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