The little bitch that France has as president announces that ‘I want to piss off the unvaccinated and I will continue to do so until the end’.

Macron failed miserably in his attempt to impose compulsory vaccination, and like the little baby he has shown himself to be, he has taken to whining in the newspaper Le Parisien (1) and threatening the unvaccinated.

He confesses that he is determined to “piss off” the non-vaccinated “to the end” by limiting for them, as much as possible, access to social life activities.

“I really want to piss off the unvaccinated. And we’re going to keep doing it that way, to the end. That’s the strategy,” said the President of the Republic, as the vaccination passport bill gave rise to a stormy debate in the Assembly.

To a newspaper reader’s question pointing out that the unvaccinated “occupy 85 percent of resuscitation [beds]” in hospitals, leading to postponed operations, Macron replied that this observation “is the best argument” for the government’s strategy and that, “in democracy, the worst enemy is lies and stupidity.”

A pity that what is happening is the other way around, maybe he forgot that.

“Almost all the people, more than 90 percent, have adhered” to vaccination and “it is a very small minority that is resistant,” he added.


“How do we reduce that minority? We reduce it, I’m sorry to say, by annoying it even more. I am not in favor of bothering the French. I complain all day long about the administration when it blocks them. Well, here, the unvaccinated, I really want to piss them off,” he continued.

“I am not going to put them in jail, I am not going to vaccinate them by force. And that’s why we have to tell them: from January 15, they can no longer go to the restaurant, they can no longer have a beer, they can no longer go for a coffee, they can no longer go to the theater, they can no longer go to the cinema”, said Macron.

I’m not going to lock you up, but I’m going to make your life impossible, this is the equivalent of a toddler’s tantrum, a pity that it comes from someone in a position of power.

For the time being, the head of the Leclerc supermarket chain has already announced that they will prohibit the entry to the stores of the unvaccinated (2). Naturally, he has been met with a campaign to boycott the brand, and what is worse, those who have memory are beginning to remember that during the Second World War the founder of the chain was a collaborationist of the Vichy government who denounced members of the resistance, one of whom was a Spanish Republican.

The French President did not resist the hackneyed cliché to which reformists resort when there is an obvious lack of arguments: “When my freedom threatens that of others, I become irresponsible. An irresponsible person is no longer a citizen”. Lowly politicians, like Macron, always hide behind a concern for “others” that is impossible to believe, especially in a capitalist society.

That’s the way things are up there: a President of the Republic announces that he wants to piss off 5 million people exercising a personal right. What he doesn’t know is that they are already pissed off enough.


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