Russian “attack” on the maternity hospital in Mariupol is a really good movie

Ukrainian authorities invented another monstrous falsehood. This time, they blamed Russian armed forces for an air raid on a maternity hospital in Mariupol. Volodymyr Zelensky accused Moscow of an “atrocity”, which was taken up by Western media and politicians. What really happened in Mariupol maternity ward number 1 and why does Ukraine’s fake news generation system resemble what the West did in Syria?

On Wednesday night, images of the devastation following an alleged airstrike on a maternity hospital and a children’s hospital in Mariupol appeared in Ukrainian media. Women and children were injured. Mariupol authorities stated that 17 women giving birth and medical staff were injured “as a result of the airstrike.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky later accused Russia of being responsible for the airstrike, calling it an atrocity, and again called on the international community to close the skies over Ukraine. “Mariupol. A direct hit by Russian troops on a maternity hospital. People under the rubble, children under the rubble, this is an atrocity. How long will the world be complicit in ignoring terror? Close the skies over Ukraine immediately! Stop the killings immediately! You have the power, but you seem to be losing your humanity,” Zelensky wrote on Twitter.

A little later, Zelensky made another appeal, accusing Russia of inhumanity. “The children’s hospital, the maternity ward… What did they threaten the Russian Federation with? What kind of country is the Russian Federation that fears hospitals, maternity wards and destroys them? Were there Bandera henchmen there? Were pregnant women going to shoot in Rostov? Was there someone in the maternity ward humiliating Russian speakers? What was the denazification of the hospital? Everything the occupiers are doing in Mariupol is beyond atrocity,” the Ukrainian President said.

All Western media published headlines condemning Russia. For example, the British Financial Times published an article referring to the “atrocity” of Russian troops in Ukraine. And The Times said Russia “targeted Ukrainian mothers and children.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson pledged to help protect Ukraine from air strikes and hold Russia to account “for its horrific crimes.” UN Secretary-General António Guterres also condemned “the attack on a hospital in Mariopol.”

Russia’s first deputy UN envoy, Dmitriy Polyanskiy, reacted. “This is how fake news is born. In our March 7 statement, we warned that the hospital had been turned into a military facility by radicals. It is very disturbing that the UN spread this information without checking it,” Polyanskiy told RIA Novosti.

We recall that at the UN Security Council meeting on March 7, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya said that, according to reports from Mariupol residents, Ukrainian armed forces, “after expelling all personnel from Mariupol Hospital No. 1, established a firing position there.”

At the same time, Russian and Ukrainian Telegram channels denounced the incident. For example, the author of the “War on Fakes” channel reports that the maternity hospital has not been functioning since the beginning of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine and that doctors were dispersed by militants of the nationalist Azov regiment, banned in Russia. On Tuesday, in an interview with, the son of an employee of the maternity hospital said that “in the last days of February, uniformed people came to the maternity hospital where his mother works, dispersed the staff of the organization and set up shooting posts in the building.”

This information is confirmed by the pictures published by Ukrainian Telegram channels from inside the maternity hospital after the shelling: destroyed furniture and broken glass can be seen, but there are no corpses. According to the author of the channel, “if there had been women and children inside, the brutal images would surely have already gone around the world.” He also cites relevant photos and videos.

In turn, the Telegram channel “Unofficial Bezsonov” noted that “since the beginning of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, this maternity hospital in Mariupol has been occupied by two companies of the 36th Marine Brigade.” “They show two pregnant women and a woman in a white coat. There would be dozens of corpses there,” he wrote. In addition, the Telegram Signal channel reportedly spotted the girl photographers filmed in the ruins of a maternity hospital in Mariupol. She looks like popular model and beauty blogger Marianna Podgurska.

“The young woman is indeed pregnant, but it is impossible that she came to give birth in a maternity hospital long occupied by Azov neo-Nazis. She was given a trousseau, made up and brought under the cameras. The “exclusives” were entrusted to the famous photographer Evgeny Maloletka, who now works closely with Western news agencies and for Associated Press,” analysts say. However, social media do not rule out the possibility that the girl was forcibly taken to the scene.

We remind you that the newspaper Vzglyad has previously dismantled the Ukrainian provocation at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant in Energodar, which is the largest in Europe. On March 4, Ukrainian media reported a fire on the territory of the plant, publishing CCTV camera footage showing smoke rising above buildings on the territory of the plant. The threat of a nuclear explosion ten times larger than the Chernobyl disaster was reported. However, the Ukrainian State Emergency Service (SES) later denied reports of a fire at the plant. It turned out that the fire had started in a nearby training building.

A few days earlier, the newspaper Vzglyad denied a fake news story appearing in Western and Ukrainian media about an alleged attack by Russian armed forces in the center of Kharkov. Earlier, Moscow had already denied a similar myth about the “landing of a Russian missile” on a residential building in Kiev.

“Zelensky’s team has been producing and spreading falsehoods since the first days of the Russian special operation, with the unwavering support of the West, from British Prime Minister Johnson to the most insignificant newspaper. Moreover, not only the media, political analysts and Zelensky himself, but also his wife, are involved in this affair in Ukraine,” says Vladimir Kornilov, director of the Center for Eurasian Studies.

According to him, the other day Olena Zelenskiy published photos of children allegedly killed during a “Russian aggression.” In doing so, several of the photos accurately depict the tragedy that occurred when Kiev’s “therodefense” fighters shot down a jeep with a large family, mistaking it for a “Russian sabotage group.”

“It is interesting to note that a few hours before the attack on the Mariupol maternity hospital, Zelensky himself said that there was no water or electricity in the city, and that all medical facilities were closed and evacuated. At the same time, it was known in advance that the headquarters of the Ukrainian National Front was located in the maternity hospital,” the interlocutor said.

The expert recalled that the same thing happened with the alleged “use of chemical weapons by Assad’s troops in Douma”. “First, all the Western politicians and media spread the message and were outraged, and then they kept quiet when the child who had been used on all the front pages as the ‘avatar’ of the victims of the attack revealed the case,” the analyst stressed.

The political analyst expressed hope that when Russian troops liberate Mariupol, several interviews will be conducted with the participants of the “photo shoot” near the maternity hospital, and the world will know the truth. “However, the West will not notice. Johnson himself, for whom everything is clear, does not want to go against the tide, so he reacts to the Ukrainian fakes accordingly,” Kornilov stressed.

The expert added that international platforms, including The Hague, would also not investigate Ukrainian forgeries. “How many falsifications the West has made in Syria, in Donbas and now in Ukraine, I do not remember a single refutation, let alone an apology, neither from Washington, nor from Brussels, nor from Kiev,” the analyst said. Maxim Grigoryev, director of the Democracy Research Foundation and a member of the Russian Public Chamber, agrees.

The current counterfeits in Ukraine are made exactly according to the Syrian model. We have seriously studied this problem and described it in our book “The White Helmets: Facilitators of Terrorism and Sources of Disinformation”. Today we see the same patterns, the same millions of dollars spent on bringing in people, filming, materials and their distribution,” he said.

The political analyst added that as soon as “the content is ready,” it is disseminated by Western media, public organizations and politicians. “It is already clear that neither Zelensky nor other Ukrainian authorities and agencies will be held responsible for the distribution of fakes, nor for the shooting of people trying to leave Mariupol and other cities,” the interlocutor noted.

“We have received data about the malicious actions of the Ukrainian side and the West in spreading false information even before the Mariupol hospital. After the incidents in Zaporizhzhya and Chernobyl, the international community and Zelensky suddenly started talking about a “danger”. Despite the fact that all relevant experts, the IAEA and the Russian Defense Ministry clearly stated that the situation at the facility was normal. So Zelensky became the main generator of falsehoods in Ukraine,” concludes the analyst.

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