Babies now in the sights of pharmaceutical predators

By Dr. Mª José Martínez Albarracín

No, the “pandemic” is not over, at least the implementation of “certain globalist objectives” that were proposed and unfortunately achieved, with the excuse of the coronavirus, is not over. Even if “covid cases” are no longer counted, even if the incidence is at limits that until a few days ago were considered so epidemic and worrying as to decree confinements and quarantines, even if the war in Ukraine has replaced covid in the television infodemic bombardment, the truth is that the RNA gene spawn misnamed covid vaccines have come to stay and to be inoculated universally and at all ages. The latest twist is the pharmaceutical companies’ request to the FDA for emergency authorisation to inoculate babies from six months to five years of age, the only age group that has so far been left out of the nightmare. But are you not already considering that the “pandemic” is not a health emergency? Why are you asking for an emergency authorisation to apply a vaccine that does not vaccinate an age group that does not suffer from severe covid? Answer for yourself, dear reader.

Moderna Pharmaceuticals, one of the companies that has developed and sells COVID-19 vaccines (their product is called “mRNA-1273”, and is mRNA-based) is the one applying to the FDA for emergency licensing of their product for children as young as six months of age. The company claims that it is up to 44% effective (in children under 2 years of age it does not even reach this value). Not only is this a mediocre efficacy, but this number only represents the relative risk reduction, not the absolute risk reduction, which is essential to understand the real benefit of using a drug, in this case a vaccine.

Scientific evidence from numerous published studies shows that the case fatality rate (CFR) of covid syndrome is low for many ages, and that it increases with increasing age, peaking in people over the age of 80 who have comorbidities. Below the age of 50, lethality is comparable to influenza lethality and below the age of 30 it is practically non-existent (affecting only some people who may have a dysregulated immune system) and this has been known since the beginning of the pandemic. Just recently a study by the “COVID-19 Forecasting team” (a multidisciplinary, multi-institutional team using mathematical and epidemiological models to understand the pandemic) was published in the Lancet. The study is entitled:

“Variation in COVID-19 infection-fatality rate by age, time and geography during the pre-vaccine stage: a systematic analysis”

Despite this, the fear that has been instilled in the mainstream media has turned covid into a dreaded killer for many people, but the reality does not confirm this perception. The scientific evidence continues to show that the syndrome associated with the infection, known as COVID-19, is primarily due to excessive and dysregulated immune responses, rather than the direct action of a pathogen.

The above publication demonstrates that the case fatality rate (CFR) associated with covid has been maintained over time. The authors estimated the age-specific CFR for each age and for all ages using (from the start of the pandemic to before the start of vaccination) antibody prevalence data. As well as COVID-19 mortality data for each age group and for each of the 190 countries and territories included in the study. The reason they only considered the pre-vaccine stage was to compare the impact of these products on the pattern of CFT. Interestingly, they found that in all countries and territories analysed, the average case fatality rate (CFR) decreased from 0.466% to 0.314% (between mid-April 2020 and 1 January 2021). This is exactly what evolutionary theory predicts for an epidemic in a population that has the ability to generate immune responses. This is why I have said on numerous occasions that, had these non-immunising drugs not been introduced, the “pandemic” would have ended on its own. Unfortunately, we have seen that gene inoculations have had a negative impact on CFT, especially among vaccinated people, and thus the epidemic has been artificially sustained.

The study authors found considerable variation in CCT by age, location and time, as can be seen in figures 1 and 2 of the study. Children under 7 years of age had the lowest case fatality: 0.0023% (this means that two children die per 100,000 sick children and those who die are children with previous pathology).

Moderna is going to request Emergency Authorisation from the FDA to vaccinate children from 6 months of age with its product, for which not a single study of genotoxicity (causing DNA damage), genomic integration (changing the DNA of the cells it enters), mutagenesis (causing mutations), carcinogenesis (causing cancer), etc., has been carried out, and for which only Moderna (which is conducting the study) has given its word on safety and has not made these data public.

It is no longer surprising that a company wants to sell and does everything possible, including manipulation and deception, to increase its profits. What we would expect, however, is that drug regulatory agencies would do their job without any conflict of interest, but recent history has shown that this is often not the case. In any case, even if Moderna asks for it, and even if the FDA, EMA or any other agency authorises these products in young children, we need to remember that it is the parents who make the decision to take their six-month-old baby for vaccination. I wish they would make that decision based on science and demand full and complete informed consent of what they are going to inoculate their children with, understanding the covid (TFC) fatality rate, understanding what efficacy means, understanding what they did in the clinical trial to ask for clearance and what they did not investigate, and understanding the terrible adverse effects of the inoculations that are slowly becoming known, before exposing their children, simply because that is what they were told.

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