The constant persecution of experts who contradict the official narrative about K0 B1T 19

According to the Institute of Medicine of the US Academy of Sciences, IOM: “Both epidemiological and mechanistic research suggests that most individuals who experience an adverse reaction to vaccines have a pre-existing susceptibility. These predispositions may exist for a number of reasons: genetic variants (in the human DNA or microbiome), environmental exposures, behaviours, intermediate diseases or developmental stage, to name but a few, all of which may interact with each other. Some of these adverse reactions are specific to the particular vaccine, while others may not be.” . Despite this reality with proven science, children are increasingly vaccinated and injected without regard to this reality and vaccination campaigns are conducted as an instrument of fear, repression and control, oblivious to any genuine health concerns such as genetic or other characteristics, and experts without conflict of interest who protect humanity are persecuted.

In November 2020, the British spy agency MI6 announced that its agents would monitor foreigners around the world (presumably including Americans) who questioned official orthodoxies on COVID-19 injections. Declaring the launch of an “offensive cyber operation to disrupt anti-vaccine propaganda, “275 the Foreign Section hinted that it would henceforth target individuals who asked uncomfortable or blatant questions about vaccines or questioned official COVID proclamations or countermeasures. The agency promised to deploy the same arsenal of surveillance and harassment weaponry and dirty tricks it previously reserved for terrorists. According to The Times, “The spy agency is using a toolkit developed to tackle disinformation and recruitment peddled by Islamic State”. 276 A government source assured the newspaper that they were not joking: “GCHQ has been told to weed out anti-vaccine people online and on social media. There are ways they have used to monitor and disrupt terrorist propaganda”. 277

Federal law prohibits US spy agencies from spying on or surveilling US citizens, but Western intelligence bureaucracies work in collaboration with each other, and the CIA often deploys European, Israeli and Canadian agencies as surrogates to circumvent US laws.

In August 2020, when Robert Kennedy Jr. appeared as a keynote speaker before a crowd of an estimated 1.2 million democracy and civil rights advocates from all European nations protesting COVID restrictions at a peace and justice rally in Berlin, Germany’s national intelligence agency announced that it would begin monitoring the top leaders of the group that invited him. The spy agency accused COVID protesters of trying to “permanently undermine confidence in state institutions and their representatives”, 278 according to the AFP news agency. “The definition of terror is now so broad,” says former CIA official Kevin Shipp, “that any mention of COVID ‘vaccines’ falls within its scope”. 279

These were the first explicit acknowledgements of the widespread involvement of Western intelligence agencies in the vaccine enterprise that the world’s press has long overlooked. As foreshadowed by two decades of Germ Game simulations, US and foreign clandestine agencies have a secret but dominant presence in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Alumni of the intelligence community and active officials hold key positions in international agencies promoting global vaccines and injections. For example, President Biden’s USAID director is former WHO ambassador Samantha Power. As President Obama’s national security adviser, she persuaded him to intervene militarily in Libya. She has stated that her primary goal at USAID is to “restore US prestige by getting American-made vaccines (injections) ‘in arms’ around the world”.280 UNICEF Director Anthony Lake was President Bill Clinton’s national security adviser and his nominee to be CIA Director until corruption charges derailed his appointment. In January 2020, UNICEF telegraphed its brave new embrace of authoritarianism by encouraging the passage of a bill by the Maldivian legislature that makes it a criminal offence for parents to refuse any government-recommended vaccines for their children. UNICEF’s unabashed enthusiasm makes it clear that the organisation regards the Maldives’ innovation as a pilot programme for humanity. 281

GlaxoSmithKline’s spinoff, the Wellcome Trust, has played a central role in Big Pharma’s marriage with Western spy agencies. From 2015 until October 2020, the chair of the Wellcome Trust, the UK’s version of the Gates Foundation, was former MI5 director general Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, a thirty-five-year counter-espionage veteran who also functioned as an official liaison between British and US intelligence agencies. Anthony Fauci’s emails reveal that Wellcome Trust director Sir Jeremy Farrar worked directly with Dr Fauci to orchestrate the cover-up of the Wuhan lab leak tests, assigning a staff of five Wellcome Trust agents to manage the fraud. 282

Dame Manningham-Buller has served as president of Imperial College London since 2011. Anthony Fauci and Western health officials widely cited Imperial College’s inaccurate COVID-19 fatality projections from COVID-19, produced by the Wellcome Trust’s notorious epidemiologist Neil Ferguson, to justify the draconian global blockades. 283 Ferguson’s astute projections overestimated mortality rates by more than an order of magnitude. He did the same with mad cow disease and other diseases of the day. MI6 spy Christopher Steele is a leader of the British organisation “Independent SAGE”, a sketchy but highly influential collective of social scientists, psychologists and professional propagandists who use the media to relentlessly pressure the UK government whenever it hesitates to deploy the flint. authoritarianism necessary to achieve “zero COVID”. 284

Steele is just one of many former intelligence officers who cheer draconian responses to COVID and applaud the onset of totalitarianism. One of the early promoters of the marginalisation, demonisation and officially sanctioned abuse of parents who hesitate to vaccinate is Juliette Kayyem, former Under Secretary of Homeland Security during the Obama presidency and former member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the National Counterterrorism Committee … . Kayyem was forced out of her high-level post at the Washington Post when critics leaked her involvement with the Israeli spyware company that makes the software system used to track and murder Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. 285 As early as April 2019, he was editorialising for the Washington Post that parents who refused measles vaccines for their children should face “isolation, fines, arrests” and be treated with the same sanctions the government uses against terrorists and sex offenders. 286

As early as 1977, Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein documented the CIA’s control over 400 major American journalists and institutions, including the New York Times and TIME magazine. The CIA’s prolonged and pervasive domination of the Washington Post through Project Mockingbird, beginning with its owners Katharine and Phil Graham and top editors and reporters, is well documented. There is little evidence that its new owner, Jeff Bezos, has eliminated these corrupt influences. The Post and the Times have been the media’s chief cheerleaders for a draconian response to the pandemic. On 5 September, Max Blumenthal, son of frequent Washington Post contributor Sidney Blumenthal, exposed the Post for publishing a fake “Doctor on the Street Interview” in which a supposedly typical DC doctor called for the extrajudicial killing of vaccine-hesitant parents for medical malpractice. Blumenthal noted that the doctor was actually the vice president of In-Q-Tel’s technical staff. 287

The CIA and other intelligence agencies aggressively recruit scientists such as Jeremy Farrar, whose research includes posts in foreign countries. 288 In addition, it uses vaccination campaigns as cover for broader strategic actions. Between 2011 and 2014, for example, the CIA used the WHO’s Global Eradication Programme to conduct fake polio and hepatitis B vaccination programmes in Pakistan as a way to surreptitiously collect DNA from individuals in its efforts to track down Osama bin Laden.

These are just a few of countless examples of the closely held involvements of spy agencies in treating vaccination as a foreign policy tool and as an instrument of fear, repression and control independent of any genuine health concerns.

In July 2021, a year and four months after the global shutdown, the FAA had to reroute air traffic over a section of the country stretching from the West Coast to Michigan to make room for private jet fleets converging on Sun Valley. Idaho, Idaho, for the 38th annual meeting of the world’s most exclusive conclave, sometimes called Summer Camp for Billionaires, or “Mogul Fest”. 289 The 2021 gathering included:

Bill Gates,
Apple CEO Tim Cook,
Mark Zuckerberg,
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos,
Mike Bloomberg,
Google founders Larry Price and Sergey Brin,
Warren Buffett,
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings,
Disney CEO Robert Iger, and Viacom/Comics
Viacom/CBS president Shari Redstone, and
one of the most influential propagandists for confinement, Anderson Cooper, who has acknowledged that he responded to a CIA recruitment poster while attending Yale and worked an unspecified number of summers thereafter at Langley.
All discussions at the event were, as usual, jealously guarded, but participants acknowledged talking about cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence. This year, they welcomed CIA director William Joseph Burns as their guest of honour, and by all reports, the mood among the titans was upbeat. 290 At the time, US billionaires were on track to increase their collective wealth by $3.8 trillion in a single year, while wiping out the middle class in several countries, who permanently lost roughly the same amount. These tech and media moguls, who had magnified their billions with confinement, were the same men who had used their media and social media platforms to censor complaints about confinement, even as it filled their coffers beyond the breaking point.

Each of these entrepreneurs had helped bring down America’s already fragile constitutional democracy. The Bill of Rights was, by then, suspended indefinitely. The participants in that event had privatised the public square and then obstructed the free flow of information and open debate, the oxygen and light of democracy. Their censorship allowed their allies in the technocracy to effect the most extraordinary restriction of constitutional rights in history: closing churches across the country:

close a million businesses without due process or fair compensation,
suspending jury trials for corporate wrongdoers,
passing regulations without constitutional safeguards, transparency of public hearings or comment, violating privacy through warrantless searches,
After twenty years of modelling exercises, the CIA, working with medical technocrats like Anthony Fauci and billionaire internet tycoons, had carried out the ultimate coup d’état. The oligarchy was re-established, and these gentlemen and their spies had equipped the nascent technocracy with new tools of control unimaginable to any other tyrant in history.

COVID-19: a military project
In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

We must never allow the weight of this combination to jeopardise our freedoms or democratic processes. We must take nothing for granted. Only an alert and well-informed citizenry can compel the proper blending of the enormous industrial and military machinery of defence with our peaceful methods and objectives, so that security and freedom can thrive together.

-Dwight Eisenhower, 1961

With all the preparations for a coordinated military response, with deep involvement of intelligence agencies, it should come as no surprise that the government’s response to COVID-19 quickly emerged as a military project.

On 28 September 2020, science journalist Nicholas Florko published in STAT a leaked organisational schematic 291 that exposes the $10 billion Operation Warp Speed project as a highly structured DoD campaign with “heavy military involvement”. The Byzantine flow chart 292 shows four generals and sixty other military officers at the helm of Operation Warp Speed, outnumbering HHS civilian health technocrats, who accounted for only twenty-nine of the approximately ninety leaders on the chart.

HHS deputy chief of staff for policy, Paul Mango, told STAT that the Defense Department was deeply involved in all aspects of the project, including setting up more than two dozen emerging vaccine manufacturing plants, airlifting equipment and raw materials from around the world, and erecting cybersecurity and physical security operations “to ensure that an eventual vaccine is closely protected from ‘state actors who don’t want us to succeed in this. From US citizens to sinister foreign governments, justifying a military and intelligence agency response. It is, in short, a “conspiracy theory”, albeit an official one. Mango told STAT that the Warp Speed planning and debriefing takes place “in secured rooms that are used to discuss classified information”. A senior federal health official told STAT that he was struck by the sight of soldiers in military uniforms wandering around HHS headquarters in downtown Washington, including more than 100 soldiers in HHS hallways wearing “desert storm fatigues”.

Health officials complained to STAT that they were marginalised when Warp Speed became a partnership between the military and the pharmaceutical industry, chaired by Robert Kadlec, who, according to Mango, personally signed off on all commercial agreements made by HHS for Operation Warp Speed.

Warp Speed has secret agreements with six major pharmaceutical companies developing COVID-19 vaccines. The principal advisor to the operation is Moncef Slaoui, a former GlaxoSmithKline official who prior to the pandemic served as president of Moderna, the Fauci/Kadlec/Gates collaboration that would be the primary beneficiary of Warp Speed. By characterising his position as an “outside contractor”, Slaoui, who owns approximately $10 million in GSK stock, circumvented federal ethics rules. Slaoui has since promised to donate any increase in the value of his stock. 293

Nations deserve to know that COVID-19 vaccine decisions are based on science, not personal greed.

Dr. Fauci had direct hands-on involvement with Warp Speed through his employee Larry Corey, who described himself as an “ex-officio” member of the Warp Speed government. Corey runs Dr. Fauci’s COVID-19 prevention network, which transforms HIV clinical trial networks into COVID-19 Phase 3 clinical trials. 295

Dr. Fauci was not put off by the military takeover of US health policy and applauded Operation Warp Speed as a “talent show”. Dr Fauci told STAT that he was not concerned about the dearth of public health expertise among Warp Speed’s Pentagon leaders: “If you check the organisational boxes of Operation Warp Speed, they are very impressive”. Tom Inglesby also praised the military’s involvement. “There is a deep understanding of the science and how to manage complex government operations,” Inglesby said. “It’s clearly operating in a challenging political and pandemic environment, and we won’t know if we have a safe and effective vaccine until the trials are over. But it is a highly competent group of people working to make this happen.” 296

HHS Secretary Alex Azar, a former pharma CEO and lobbyist, and Defense Secretary Mark Esper share top billing as chairmen of the organisation. Slaoui, the formal civilian leader of the project, and General Gustave Perna serve as Operation Warp Speed’s executive director.

Immediately below Perna and Slaoui are Lieutenant General (retired) Paul Ostrowski, a former Special Forces soldier who manages the distribution of an eventual vaccine, and Matt Hepburn, who specialises in futuristic warfare projects for the Pentagon, including a programme to implant high-tech sensors in soldiers to detect disease and for other purposes.

“This should be a medical operation, not a military one,” said Vera Sharav, a Holocaust survivor and medical ethics advocate. “It’s a public health issue. Why is the military and the CIA so involved? Why is everything a secret? Why can’t we know the ingredients in these taxpayer-funded products? Why are all their emails confidential? Why can’t we see the contracts with the vaccine manufacturers? Why are we demanding treatment with an experimental technology with minimal testing? Given that COVID-19 harms less than 1 percent, what is the justification for putting 100 percent of the population at risk? We need to recognise that this is a vast human experiment on all of humanity, with an unproven technology, conducted by spies and generals trained primarily to kill and not to save lives.” Over 60,000 people have already died and there are over 5,000,000 adverse effects reported following K0 B1T injection….

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