The ultimate goal of the totalitarian WEF: to take control of humans.

I invite you to listen to this video which tries to spread the dangers of the Davos team. This man with humour is incredibly accurate in the information he gives. You can activate the translator on Youtube.

The Federal Council has agreed to grant the World Economic Forum the status of an international organisation.

The representatives of this lobbying foundation constantly talk about hacking the human body, about putting the human body – inside and out – under permanent surveillance, about attacking religions by despising the God of the Bible, about presenting themselves as highly intelligent individuals destined to become gods, about promising that humans will no longer possess anything, etc. etc. etc. etc.

At some point one has to ask: What do the police do? Are they simply enlightened people who speak without consequences for public safety? Or do they rely on powers that allow them to carry out a project that seems more and more worrying every day?

From my point of view, their words seem to me less problematic than the failure of the police/judicial system to react. The silence of the authorities who are supposed to watch over the security of the citizen could lead one to think that they approve of the method.

A totalitarian method announced some time ago by a certain Attali.

I invite you to discover or rediscover the latest publication on cybernetics and the totalitarianism it promotes.

Cybernetics is the science of the control of systems, living or non-living, founded by Norbert Wiener. Exactly what is clear from the words of Y Harari, Klaus Schwab’s master of thought

There are not three possibilities. Either they are harmless nutters who need to go to treatment, or they speak from experience, because they are inside, and we all have a big problem. Every word from Klaus Schwab or Harari that has come out in the last two years is a direct threat to everyone’s physical integrity.

Who is Klaus Schwab, the master of the magic mountain?

A proponent of transhumanism, he envisages the implantation of microchips, first in clothes, then in the brain to establish a “direct communication between our brain and the digital world”. He defends and promotes the advent of artificial intelligence for our lives in the fourth industrial revolution in a book published in 2017.

An entire section of his vomitous book is devoted to the topic of “Altering the Human Being”. Here he drools over “the ability of new technologies to literally become part of us” and speaks of a cyborg future involving “curious mixtures of digital and analogue life that will redefine our very nature”.

He writes: “These technologies will operate within our own biology and change our interface with the world. They are capable of pushing the boundaries of body and mind, of enhancing our physical capacities and even of having a lasting impact on life itself.

No violation seems to go too far for Schwab, who dreams of “active implantable microchips that cross our body’s skin barrier”, “smart tattoos”, “biological computing” and “custom-designed organisms”.

He is delighted to announce that “sensors, memory switches and circuits can be encoded in common human gut bacteria”, (41) that “Smart Dust”, computer networks complete with antennae, each much smaller than a grain of sand, can now be organised inside the body” and that “implanted devices will also likely help communicate normally verbally expressed thoughts through an “embedded” smartphone, and potentially unexpressed thoughts or moods by reading brainwaves and other signals.

Synthetic biology” is on the horizon in Schwab’s 4IR world, giving the world’s technocratic capitalist rulers “the ability to personalise organisms by writing DNA”.

The fact that the Federal Council has granted these people the status of an international organisation, with immunity and worldwide support from the entire network of embassies, should lead MPs to question the Federal Council.

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