A withering blow to jihadism in Mali wipes out more than 300 terrorists

It is happening in Mali as in Chechnya, Syria or Ukraine. The terrorists are not the jihadists who have been ravaging the country for a decade without anyone doing anything about it, but quite the opposite: the terrorists are the soldiers of the government that is determined to put an end to the situation… with the help of the Russians.

In Mali, UN troops have been scratching their noses. There have also been the French, who gave the jihadists a helping hand. Nobody made the slightest effort to end the war, until a group of soldiers staged a coup d’état and turned to the only people who could help them: the Russians.

Together with Russian troops, the Malian army engaged in a pitched battle in Moura in central Mali on 27 March, wiping out more than 300 jihadists in one fell swoop, who were not used to being confronted by anyone. It has also arrested some 50 more.

Instead of congratulating themselves for this, the imperialist press and its NGOs have begun to protest about the killing of “civilians” and “government terror”. Human rights violations have taken place, they say. Even the UN has sided with the jihadists and wants to open an “investigation”. Human Rights Watch speaks of a “massacre”.

The terrorists had gathered in Moura, a town of more than 4,000 inhabitants, to deploy in the countries along the Gulf of Guinea coast and push them to seek help from the Americans and the French, or perhaps both, as in Niger.

Such an operation could not be carried out without precise intelligence, which involved Russian drones. Regular army and Russian troops were dispatched to the scene in Mi-171 transport helicopters, along with two Mi-35 combat helicopters, and four special forces combat groups.

Surprised, the terrorists tried to flee the locality across the plain, but were intercepted and liquidated by one of the helicopters. The detainees were airlifted off the battlefield.

The searches resulted in the recovery of important military equipment and the destruction of a heavily guarded and presumably booby-trapped ammunition shop.

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