Out of 154 participants, 124 withdrawals at the Grand Prix de L’Escault, what happened?

Three days after the Tour of Flanders, riders competed in the semi-classic Grand Prix de l’Escault. Of the 154 participants, only 30 finished the race. How can this be explained?

Unbelievable! Of the 154 riders lined up at the start of the GP de l’Escaut on Wednesday 6 April, only 30 crossed the finish line. From the start, a strong favourable wind was present on the roads. The pace was high, as the riders covered more than 50 km after the first hour of the race. As a consequence, the peloton quickly split into several pieces because of the edges.

This evidently did not settle down over time. The riders continued to push hard on the pedals, leaving no room for the stragglers.

This, together with the fact that the sprinters, the day’s favourites, were at the front of the race, surely weighed on the decision of some of the riders to retire. To make matters worse, the rain appeared in the final kilometres. This was enough to convince the most refractory riders.

Only one Frenchman crossed the finish line

As a result, only 30 of the 154 participants finished the race. The teams Bardiani, Battre le cyclisme, Bingoal, Course EvoPro, Cyclisme Minerve, Novo Nordisk and Total Énergies even had 0 members cross the finish line.


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