COVID injections DO harm male and female fertility

by Dr. Mª José Martínez Albarracín

Before they were put on the market, as the “only solution to the pandemic” and based on basic science, a group of health professionals from various countries warned of the possible dangers to fertility of these inoculations. Of course, the “verifiers” at the service of the pharmaceutical industry and the sold-out media branded us as propagators of hoaxes. However, the evidence is once again beginning to prove us right. Let me explain:

Recently, on 7 March 2022, a publication appeared from the American Chemical Society entitled translated “Proteomics of semen from COVID-19 Convalescent Men Reveals Disruption of Key Biological Pathways Relevant to Male Reproductive Function” (Semen Proteomics of COVID-19 Convalescent Men Reveals Disruption of Key Biological Pathways Relevant to Male Reproductive Function)

The study compares semen from healthy and convalescent covid men (by the way, it does not tell us if they are vaccinated or not) and finds very significant differences in quality and fertility. Some may argue that this refers to people who have had covid, not specifically vaccinated, which is true, but it must be argued that the covid syndrome is more than proven to be produced by the spike protein of the virus and that the presence of the whole virus is not necessary to cause the main pathophysiological problems of covid such as thrombi and immune dysregulation, due to the interaction of the viral protein, or even just its S1 subunit, with the ACE2 receptor, which is widely found in both male and female genital organs, including the placenta.

Recall that the gene “vaccines” for covid are all based on the spike protein and that these vaccines are designed to force our cells to produce large amounts of this protein for an indeterminate time: the creators do not know how long, but judging by what the researchers have found in the blood of those vaccinated, at least up to four months after inoculation.

Back to the semen study. They investigated the impact of covid syndrome on the covid proteome by mass spectrometry in symptom-free, i.e. clinically healthy, males and found 48 proteins differentially expressed compared to non-covid males, i.e. deregulated, in the semen of covid-exposed males. Of these, 21 proteins were down-regulated: the main pathways involved in reproductive functions, such as sperm and oocyte recognition, testosterone responsiveness, regulation of sperm motility, regulation of sperm adhesion or endopeptidase activity, which are essential for successful fertilisation. Meanwhile, 27 proteins were up-regulated: among them semenogelin 1 and prosaposin, two proteins whose deregulation is key to alter male fertility.

Furthermore, in another study of the testicular proteome of patients who succumbed to covid syndrome, an insulin-like Leydig cell biomarker 3 (INSL3) and five proteins linked to cholesterol biosynthesis were reported to be significantly reduced, indicating an involvement of Leydig cells and their steroidogenic functions. This means that not only semen and spermatozoa but also the synthesis of testosterone, which defines the male’s secondary sexual characteristics and is also essential for fertility, is altered.

Main proteins deregulated in semen in the American Chemical Society study.

Semen characteristics, including semen volume, sperm count (mill/mL), motility (%), pH and sperm morphology, were assessed for both the control and covid-retrieved groups. The median sperm concentration in control was 42.5 million/ml, while it was significantly reduced to 24 million/ml in the retrieved cohort. A similar trend was observed in sperm motility, where controls had 50% motile sperm, but was significantly lower at 10% in the retrieved group. The data also show a significant difference in sperm morphology between the control group (8.5%) and the retrieved group (2.5%). The pH and semen volume, i.e. what is visible to the naked eye, showed no appreciable difference between the two groups.

As for female fertility, the case is even more dramatic, in a study published on 1 January 2022 in the journal Molecular Basis of Disease, by an Argentinean team doing research especially for fertility and assisted reproduction clinics, found in the ovarian follicular fluid, in 91.3% of cases, IgG antibodies against the spike protein (the same as those induced by the covid vaccine), which was accompanied by a lower number of viable oocytes as well as a decrease in oestrogen receptor Erβ and vascular endothelial growth factor. This profile negatively affects the follicular microenvironment thus dysregulating ovarian function which, in addition to decreased fertility, could explain the abnormal bleeding experienced by a large number of covid-vaccinated women, including postmenopausal women.

“It is very rare to observe immunoglobulins against pathogens in follicular fluids. In addition, patients with higher antibody levels had a lower number of recovered and mature oocytes,” said a scientist in the study.

Although the study always refers to antibodies against Sars-CoV-2, the test used to detect them is the “COVIDAR IgG” kit, an Argentinian serological test that measures the presence of antibodies against the spike protein of the Sars-Cov-2 virus, which causes the covid syndrome.

In conclusion, we can safely say that the spike protein negatively affects fertility, both male and female, due to its interaction with the receptors for it, which are widely distributed in the different organs of the genital apparatus. It is not known for how long this dysregulation and alteration of fertility will occur and that further studies of this type are needed, this time specifically in people inoculated with gene therapy for covid, wrongly called a vaccine, which has been more than demonstrated that it does not immunise but can cause persistent lesions in people and in the species.!

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