How a fake “massacre” like the one in Bucha is invented: the Raçak Case

In Bucha there is nothing to investigate because everything is clear from the beginning. Russia has been tried and convicted for “war crimes”. However, in order to stretch the publicity campaign, the United States has once again set up the International Commission on Missing Persons, one of those shills of parasites and parasites that appear and disappear according to the needs of the moment.

Such commissions were made famous by another massacre, that of Raça, of which few remember. Let us refresh the memory of one of those famous “war crimes”.

Raçak is a small Kosovo town of about 400 inhabitants. By the end of the last century it had become the stronghold of the Kosovar terrorists of the KLA, a group fabricated by the imperialists in 1996 to wipe out the remnants of Yugoslavia and subjugate the government in Belgrade.

The KLA’s tactics were clearly police tactics, based on provoking assassinations to attract repression. Between 1993 and 1998, the group killed about 200 Serb policemen, 125 Albanian civilians considered “collaborationists” and about 120 Serb and other minority civilians.

Kosovar terrorism was encouraged and armed by NATO, thus breaking the ceasefire agreements signed beforehand.

The terrorists provoked a brutal crackdown by the Serbian police and army, which launched an operation against Raçak. Official figures put the death toll among the civilian population at around 40, a tenth of that in Bucha.

The stage was well set because today only massacres that can be shown on television are of interest. NATO brought a crew from the US news agency APTV to the village and was authorised to film. The film shows a virtually deserted village. There was very little to tell. The vast majority of the villagers had left the village the previous year (1).

The next morning, the corpses appeared as if by magic. The KLA gangsters took the journalists and observers to see a mass grave that had suddenly appeared during the night. These were the bodies of Albanian civilians. Of course they were.

Then the official NATO version was forged by William Walker, a man plucked from the blackest sewers of imperialism. He had been a general in the US army and then a CIA hitman under the cover of a diplomatic post. He was also a member of the OSCE, so in short he was spearheading the military aggression against Yugoslavia.

Walker produced to the letter the reports NATO needed. In front of a crowd of journalists and without having done any research, he told the media that this was carnage, going so far as to call it a “crime against humanity” and holding the Serbs solely responsible for the atrocity.

Everything was going according to plan. Clinton called the whole ordeal “deliberate killings intended to sow terror” and urgently convened the Atlantic Council, composed of NATO members’ ambassadors, which condemned the “massacre”.

At the time, the media also spared no effort to use the words “massacre, massacre, butchery, genocide, ethnic cleansing”… “Serb troops stormed the village at dawn and executed 45 civilians, all ethnic Albanians, in cold blood”, said El País (2). The Serbs were condemned forever in the eyes and ears of the world.

In these cases there is never any need for proof. The bigger the massacre, the better to judge and condemn. Everything is self-evident. “The deaths of Raçak caused a radical change in the international attitude towards the Kosovo crisis, which culminated in the allied bombing of Yugoslavia”, the daily Segre recently recalled (3). An invented massacre led to a real massacre.

The commission of enquiry came later. The autopsies were conducted by the Finnish Helena Ranta, who at first was not allowed to tell what had happened. She wrote a report that her bosses did not accept, so she had to submit another one at Walker’s, i.e. NATO’s, dictation.

A guilty conscience must have haunted the forensic scientist for the years she kept quiet… Until she began to give interviews, write articles and even books about the affair. But by then her memory had almost completely faded. Who cared about that, who remembers that it was all a lie?

The photos of the corpses appeared in convenient media outlets with a makeover. The most basic concern was to remove the military insignia from the uniforms, so that the victims looked like civilians. The BBC said that the Serbian police had killed “ordinary people” aged between 14 and 99. It added that the bodies had been shot in the head but, according to Ranta, the dead were not victims of a “point-blank” execution, but were the result of long-distance shooting. The Yugoslav police assault on the village resulted in a pitched battle with the terrorists who had barricaded themselves in the houses.

Among the dead bodies was a 22-year-old woman, daughter of KLA unit commander Sadiq Muyota, who had powder particles on her hands. Of all the corpses analysed by the coroner, 36 had traces of gunpowder on their hands. Only a few could – perhaps – be considered as Albanian civilians. The rest were either KLA terrorists or Serb policemen brought in by the flood to raise the death toll to a total of 40, or maybe 45, because the number is unclear.

The German social democratic government, one of those most responsible for the Balkan War, misled public opinion by staging non-existent massacres. The first war involving Germany since Hitler began with lies (4). A German TV documentary is entitled “Es began mit einer Lüge” (It all began with a lie).

In the farcical trial against Milosevic at the International Tribunal, the Raçak massacre disappeared from the indictment, to prevent the dirty laundry from coming out.

In 2008, Kosovar mafias erected a monument in Raçak in honour of Walker, who made a town famous for a fictitious massacre. Every year, the criminal gangs that run the country from Pristina organise a memorial event.

More than 20 years later, when it is known that there was no such massacre, Wikipedia continues to lie and label as “denialists” those who claim that there was none of what NATO wanted to make it look like at the time.

If NATO bombed Yugoslavia with the fabricated massacre of 40 people in Raçak, what will it not do with the massacre in Bucha, where 400 corpses have already been found?


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