Poor countries destroy expired vaccines sent to them by rich countries

In the picture, a steamroller destroys expired vaccines sent by the most “generous” countries to the most “needy”. It is nothing more than a reflection of the absurd capitalist society we live in.

The rich countries have spent so much money on vaccines that, after making an effort to inject as many doses as possible to their citizens, they still have too many left over, store them, forget about them, they expire and give them away to the first person who passes by to show their good heart. It comes under a chapter of public budgets called “development aid” or something similar.

It is an “aid” that can kill you, or at least intoxicate you, unless the WHO or some talk show host decrees that expired vaccines are also good for your health. It is not important, because in certain forgotten countries one more death is hardly noticeable. What is really dramatic is if someone had died without vaccination. The NGOs would not forgive that and would twist our conscience with posters at bus stops.

What never expires are the profits of the big pharmaceutical companies, who have made a killing and don’t care what you do with the drugs. At the beginning of the injection campaign they said that Pfizer’s vaccines should be kept at 70 degrees below zero, but as nobody has a fridge for that, I fear that more than one person has had a dose in their vein in a very bad state, although they have felt very relieved because something must enter the bloodstream to satisfy their fear.

The times we live in make us the scapegoats of meticulously organised and financed ridicule. We send leftovers to other countries just because it satisfies our anguish for a brief moment. It doesn’t matter that these surpluses can neither be stored nor distributed in the country of destination. The point is to send it, to get it out of our sight.

With pharmaceuticals it is the same as with any other commodity. The manufacturer sets an expiry date as short as possible because it is another way of expanding the sales market. If a product expires, you have to buy another one… but only if you have blond hair and blue eyes.

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