Directed energy neuro-weapons: Mind control Individual targets

Could Stéphane Blet’s death be an assassination by cyber-attack?

This was the title of an article following the “suicide” of Stéphane Blet in Switzerland. The same questions could be asked about the “suicide” by falling from the balcony of a French family in Switzerland whose doctor father was opposed to the “toxination” of covid and made it known.

Opponents of the use of E.M.O.’s have long known that these techniques exist and that they will multiply with the 5 and 6 G. Barry Tower, a leading British expert, even claims that more people have died from cyberkillings in the last 15 years than in World War II.

Hopefully, the testimonies of these specialists in this video will open the eyes of those who find nothing wrong with the sudden deaths of healthy whistleblowers, as the covidic period has recently shown.

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