New dossier: Covid vaccines and population control through injected nano-networks

We announce the publication of a new 53-page dossier entitled “Covid vaccines and population control through injected nanoarrays”.

Several teams of independent researchers from different disciplines have been doing since June 2021 what health authorities in Western countries have not done and have been unwilling to do: observe the content of experimental Covid vaccines by microscopy and spectroscopy. The nanotechnologies identified and their analysis provide insight into what the pharmaceutical industry and those operating in the shadows want to do to citizens.


Public opinion is poorly informed about the technological possibilities that have emerged in the last 15 years and that have made it possible to research and control not space, nor the depths of the sea, but the human body and in particular the brain thanks to nanobiotechnologies.

Nanotechnologies in the 4 vaccines

Recent discoveries (2021-2022) through observation and independent analysis of vaccine sera by biologists, but also by chemists, nanotechnology or biotechnology specialists, bioinformatics experts, wireless telecommunications, nano-networks or the Internet of Things, are gradually leading us to understand what they are planning and have started to do with citizens, worldwide. This new dossier takes stock of what we know today.

Since I have been confronted on several occasions with the incredulity of some readers when a transhumanist project was mentioned in our lines, I took the decision to investigate the subject and provide the necessary scientific evidence.

The work of Dr Campra, Mik Andersen (pseudonym) and other multidisciplinary teams provides evidence of what is observed in the vaccine sera of the 4 products that have currently received conditional marketing authorisation: Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson.

A comparison of the results related to the observation of sera from information in scientific publications allows us to understand and reconstitute a puzzle that is both readable and worrying.

Compelling evidence

Like most readers, I wondered about the effectiveness or harmfulness of nanoparticles in an organism, the effectiveness of nanorouters or nanoantennas in what is similar to a wireless communications nano-network. Finally, what influence can nanotechnologies have on our DNA (discussed in an article) and on our neurons? What has been proposed may leave some people speechless, but the evidence is presented in the dossier, summarised as follows:

  1. What has been found to be illicit in Covid’s “vaccine sera”?

1.1 Nanoroutes and nanosensors

1.2 Plasmonic nanoantennas and nanoantennas

1.3 Rectifying nanoantennas

1.4 Hydrogels for nanotechnology

1.5 Codecs (encoder-decoders) and logic gates

1.6 Graphene oxide

1.7 Graphene Nanopulps or Hydras

  1. Nanoinformatics and WBAN (Wireless Body Area Network)

2.1 Some basic principles of nanoinformatics and bioinformatics

2.2 Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN)

2.3 Power supply of a WBAN

2.4 Self-assembly of DNA crystals

  1. Forced transhumanisation of populations through the inoculation of complex nano-networks

3.1 Presentation of a synthetic WBAN model based on the analysis of Covid vaccine sera

3.2 Communication with the outside world and use of the OS TOOK protocol

  1. Taking control of the human brain, the last bastion of bioterrorists?

4.1 What is cybernetics?

4.2 Explaining neuromodulation and remote control of the human brain


This is by no means a figment of the imagination, but a set of incriminating elements that can no longer leave the reader in doubt. In the coming days we will publish some excerpts on selected topics in the form of articles. However, the coherence of this dossier confirms that the preparation of the vaccines took place before the epidemic and that the Sars-Cov 2 epidemic is neither natural nor accidental.

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