Foreign mercenaries who have fled the Ukrainian war advise against confronting the Russian military

Foreign mercenaries are fleeing Ukraine en masse and are not advising others to go and confront the Russian army. Expectations of fighting in the ranks of the Ukrainian army are very different from reality, says the Washington Post.

There is a “glaring discrepancy” between expectations and reality, the newspaper adds, citing US mercenaries who have already fled the theatre of operations. The main reasons they have been forced to leave the Ukrainian army are the poor equipment provided by Kiev, in particular the lack of normal communications, ammunition and weapons. Another, and the most important, factor was the heavy losses among the mercenaries.

“They went into battle with insufficient equipment and weapons […] some saw their friends die and decided they had had enough,” writes the editorial.

Until now, the mercenaries were used to fighting unequal wars, against very inferior and disorganised enemies. Russian artillery, aviation and precision-guided missiles have presented them with another facet.

According to one of the former US Marines who visited Ukraine, he was most horrified by Russian attack helicopters destroying his unit’s positions. After one such episode, he and a group of mercenaries decided to leave Ukraine for good and fled to the US. It is better to sit at home and compose stories about the “war against the Russians” than to stay in Ukraine forever in a mass grave.

The mercenaries who have gone to Ukraine urge those who want to go to Ukraine “not to confront the Russians” under any circumstances, claiming that their expectations will not be met, and that the Russian army is really powerful.

If they are not killed, mercenaries who are captured by the Russians will face a not much better fate, possibly long years in prison, as they are not covered by the Geneva Convention.


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