Briefing on the results of the analysis of documents on US military-biological activities on the territory of Ukraine

The following is an article published on 27 May 2022 on the website of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, entitled “Briefing on the results of the analysis of documents on US military and biological activities on the territory of Ukraine”. You can read the English version here.

Analysis of the data on the implementation of military-biological programmes by the USA on the territory of Ukraine.

The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation continues to examine data on the implementation of military-biological programmes by the USA and its allies on the territory of Ukraine.

In accordance with the UN Convention on the Prohibition of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons, all countries that have signed it submit the report on compliance with the Convention’s requirements on an annual basis. It is currently the only submission on compliance with the Convention in the framework of the CBMs.

Because of the investigation of the US military-biological activity on the territory of Ukraine, we have analysed the documents sent by these countries to the UN.

It should be noted that in the above-mentioned materials (form ‘A’, part 2 ‘i’) neither Ukraine nor the United States have not submitted data on joint biological research, as well as on projects related to biological security. Poland and Germany have also not mentioned cooperation with Ukraine in their reports.

Furthermore, in the above-mentioned reports (form ‘F’) for the period from 2016 to 2020, Ukraine states that “The Government of Ukraine has not maintained any offensive or defensive activities within the framework of biological research programmes and projects. It has had no data on such activity of the former USSR on the territory of Ukraine since 1 January 1946”.

This statement contradicts the statement of the US Deputy Permanent Representative to the OSCE, Louis Gitter, made on 20 May 2022 that the assistance to Kiev is aimed at “…reducing biological and veterinary hazards, as well as neutralising the illegal stockpiles of biological weapons left over from the USSR…”.

Moreover, the report, sent by Ukraine, contains numerous inconsistencies. Form ‘A’ of the 2020 Confidence-Building Measures states the total absence of national biological defence programmes. At the same time, part 2 ‘i’ mentions the Scientific-Research Institute of Biological Technology of Microorganism Strains, located in Kiev, in the status of the participant of the biological defence programme.

The characteristics of the facility (laboratory space, number of employees) do not coincide with the data presented by Ukraine earlier.

The question arises: why was there no mention of the work within the framework of the joint military biological projects under the code name ‘UP’ in the US and Ukrainian reports submitted to the UN? This concealment is another reason to think about the real aims of the Pentagon in Ukraine.

We present you the official documents proving the organisation of the work of the Pentagon through the Agency of Defence Threat Reduction (ARAD) of the Department of Defence of the USA, which have a clear biological-military character.

Pay attention to the memorandum, prepared by the office of the US Secretary of Defense, concerning the ‘UP-2’ project on the mapping of the most dangerous pathogens on the territory of Ukraine.

The document states that the main objective of the project is to collect information on the molecular structure of pathogens common to Ukraine and to provide samples of their strains.

It is emphasised that the work in this area should correspond to the main decrees for the Programme for the prevention of the spread of biological weapons in Ukraine within the framework of the Joint Danger Reduction of 29 November 2005.

A similar memorandum was prepared in the framework of the ‘UP-1’ project, aimed at examining rickettsia and other diseases spread by arthropods. The document sets out the need to deliver the entire collection of the most endangered pathogens to the central reference laboratory, thus simplifying the process of their organised shipment to the USA.

In the framework of the Joint Threat Reduction Programme, the large project ‘UP-4’ was implemented on the investigation of the possibility of the spread of the most endangered infections by migratory birds. The documents show that 991 biological samples were collected in the period between November 2019 and January 2020 alone.

In total, we have data on the implementation of 10 such projects (including ‘UP-3’, ‘UP-6’, ‘UP-8’, ‘UP-10’) which involved the investigations of agents of the most dangerous and economically important infections: Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever, leptospirosis, tick-borne encephalitis, African swine fever.

Today we would also like to draw your attention to numerous cases of violation of safety requirements in Ukrainian laboratories.

Investigations of dangerous pathogens, controlled by the Pentagon and implemented in Kharkov, Kiev and several other cities at insufficient level of personnel protection. At the same time, according to official data, the right to implement such research has only three laboratories with the BSL-3 biosafety level. These are the Plague Institute in Odessa, the Scientific-Research Institute of Epidemiology and Hygiene in Lviv, and the Public Health Centre in Kiev.

The Ukrainian Security Service mentioned prerequisites that could cause biological hazards due to regular violations and low quality of work related to the reconstruction of biological laboratories.

For example, the company ‘Black & Veatch’ stated that it had spent 37.8 million grivnas on the modernisation of three veterinary laboratories in 2013. According to the results of the independent analysis, an overestimation of the real value has been detected, compared to the declared expenses (17.7 million grivnas).

According to the available data, this margin was sent to the bank accounts of simulated companies such as ‘Golden Ukraina’, ‘BK Profbudinvest’ and ‘Capital Commercial Agency’, which additionally proves the use of illegal financial algorithms for the benefit of US and Ukrainian officials.

It should be noted that the US observers requested to increase the level of biological protection of the reference laboratory in Merefa. The specific organisation ‘Kharkovproyekt’ declared that it was impossible under current conditions and refused to adopt the project. However, the regional localities decided to go ahead with the reconstruction. The facility was launched in contradiction with biological safety standards and requirements. At the same time, the Pentagon’s total expenditure on its modernisation was about 15 million US dollars. But it is not known where these financial resources went.

Pay attention to the report of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine after the inspection of the strains of the Plague Institute of Ukraine in Odessa which constituted 654 samples. The entity stored 32 strains of anthrax, 189 strains of tularemia, 11 strains of brucellosis, 422 strains of cholera.

The report mentions serious violations of the rules of storage of microorganisms, the absence of access control system and inadequate functioning of the ventilation system.

In April 2017, due to the violation of safety rules, an internal infection of tick-borne encephalitis occurred in one of the institute’s laboratories.

According to one of the witnesses of what happened in 2021, an employee of one of the biological laboratories brought test tubes with dangerous microorganisms with her from the territory of the institution. One can only assume the consequences of such cases.

It should be noted that all violations took place in the period of the implementation of the US biohazard reduction programme. It proves that the officially declared objectives of Washington are no more than fictitious to implement the illegal military biological activity on the territory of Ukraine.

The contemptuous treatment of the rules of pathogen research, the lack of professionalism and corruption in the executive power, as well as the destructive influence of US observers represent the direct danger to the civilian population of Ukraine and European countries.

Professionals of the Russian Ministry of Defence have verified the fact of involvement of Ukrainian biological laboratories in the system of global control of the spread of infectious diseases.

The basic part of this chain that has been formed by the Pentagon since 1997 is the Walter Reed Army Scientific Research Institute (State of Maryland). It is made up of Army and Navy laboratories, as well as military bases, located in various regions of the world.

It should be noted that the deployment of this chain follows a typical scenario.

In the initial stage, the Americans declare their concern about the state of the epidemiological situation in a region. Then the interest of officials, including monetary; first and foremost, that of health ministries, in working together is maintained; intergovernmental agreements are signed. A biological facility is built and added to the unified biological observation system. All of the country’s biological projects become the property of the US. In addition, local specialists become limited in terms of access to various research projects and their results.

At the same time, the US Department of Defense’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (ARAD) is introducing automated disease monitoring systems, as well as systems to control access to and movement of pathogens at storage and research sites.

Equipping biological facilities with these systems under the Biohazard Reduction Programme gives the Americans the opportunity to maintain the security of their military contingents at their locations, remotely monitor biological laboratory activity outside national jurisdiction, and influence the biological situation around the world.

Within the framework of the special military operation, the biological laboratories, located on the territory of Ukraine, were found to contain the materials of US instructors on training Ukrainian specialists to respond quickly to outbreaks of natural smallpox.

The Pentagon’s interest in this infection is not accidental: the return of the natural smallpox pathogen will be a global disaster for all mankind.

Compared to COVID-19, this pathogen is of the same level of contagiousness, but 10 times more lethal.

In 2003, the US Department of Defense developed the Natural Pox Vaccination Programme, under which all US military personnel were required to be vaccinated. Vaccination in the United States is mandatory for diplomatic and medical personnel. This fact proves that the US considers the smallpox pathogen as a priority biological agent for operational use, while vaccination activities are aimed at protecting its own military contingents.

The absence of adequate control and the violation of biosecurity requirements in the US may be the cause of the use of this pathogen for terrorist purposes. In the period between 2014 and 2021, the laboratories of the Federal Drug Agency and the US Scientific and Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (Maryland), the Vaccine Research Center (Pennsylvania) detected vials with viruses.

The work in these organisations was implemented in violation of World Health Assembly resolution 49.10 of 1996, according to which the natural smallpox pathogen can be stored exclusively in one US laboratory: the Center for Infection Control and Prevention, located in Atlanta.

It should be noted that vaccination against natural smallpox, which is currently not implemented in many countries, guarantees safety against monkeypox.

The World Health Organisation has announced the extraordinary meeting of participating countries on the outbreak of this dangerous infectious disease in May 2022.

We know that up to now 98% of those infected are men over 20 years of age of non-traditional sexual orientation. The former head of the World Health Organisation’s emergency unit, Dr. David Hermann, PhD, stated in his interview for the American press that the main cause of the spread of the disease is the sexual transmission of the virus.

According to the organisation’s report, the West African strain of the simian smallpox pathogen originated in Nigeria, another country where the US deployed its biological infrastructure.

According to available information, at least four biological laboratories, controlled by Washington, are operating in Nigeria.

In this regard, it is worth remembering about the strange coincidence that should be additionally analysed by experts. According to the European and American mass media, in the materials of the Munich Conference in 2021, i.e. in conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, the scenario of countermeasures on the outbreak caused by a new strain of smallpox is discussed.

In conditions of numerous cases of violation of biosafety requirements by the USA and improper storage of pathogens, we urge the leaders of the World Health Organisation to investigate the activity of the US-funded Nigerian laboratories in Abuja, Zaria and Lagos, as well as to inform the international society about the results of this investigation.

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