Consequences of vaccination: The worst of the pandemic is yet to come

Bill Gates has recently declared that the worst of the pandemic is yet to come. And if you look at what the genetically engineered preparations that should have protected against Covid are causing in the body, he is probably right. The pandemic of vaccine side effects is, unfortunately, yet to come.

Just wearing a mask could cause a real wave of cancer. Microplastic particles from masks have now been detected in various human organs. Tons of these find their way into the sea and then into the food chain, as Wochenblick reported last year. Now the masks have reached the bodies as well as the Corona policy of vaccination.

SARS-CoV-2 is a pathogen that probably originated in a Wuhan bioweapons laboratory and has been developed with the help of millions of U.S. funds. Already last year documents were published proving that the American pope of Coronavirus, Dr. Anthony Fauci, had research funded at the Wuhan lab to make the virus more contagious and/or more dangerous. This was done mainly through the NGO EcoHealth Alliance, chaired by one Peter Daszak. Together with other scientists, such as Christian Drosten, he wrote a letter that was published in the specialist journal The Lancet, and denounced the so-called lab leak theory as a “conspiracy theory”. Daszak was also one of the “experts” who investigated the virus epidemic in Wuhan on behalf of the WHO. Naturally, it was concluded that the virus did not come from the laboratory.

The “toxic” spike protein is primarily responsible for many of the harmful effects of both the virus and the vaccines. In the case of injections, it causes fatal side effects; in the case of Covid, it leads in some cases to serious complications. Basically, it can only be called a biological weapon. And even in the case of so-called vaccines, one wonders whether it is only the second component of the bioweapon? And the fact is that the effects of genetic injections can no longer be ignored, as a recent study by the Charité has also shown. It is estimated that there are half a million cases of side effects in Germany. In view of the number of victims of Covid injections, a special outpatient service for vaccination victims has already been set up in Marburg (Germany). And this center is overwhelmed: hundreds of patients are on the waiting list. FPÖ MP Gerald Hauser has called on Health Minister Johannes Rauch (Greens) to open such services in Austria.

According to leading scientists, such as Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier, variants of the virus are activated by vaccination. It produces antibodies that force the virus to mutate.

Vaccinology researcher and virologist Geert Vanden Bossche agrees. He has recently called for an immediate halt to vaccinations because they disrupt innate immune defenses. Some call this phenomenon vaccine AIDS: the effects are already visible in the most vaccinated countries in the world, such as Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark and South Korea. The number of infections and deaths there is literally exploding. Vanden Bossche says: “I expect the current pattern of repeated infections and relatively mild courses of illness in vaccinated people to worsen soon and be replaced by severe illness and death. In addition, he has already predicted the emergence of the omicron variant and warned against vaccination in the event of a pandemic, as this would lead to the emergence of variants. 17,000 physicians and scientists, including the co-discoverer of the mRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone, recently called for the immediate lifting of the Corona state of emergency and for legal action against manufacturers, governments and regulators. This “crime against humanity must be fought.”

Pfizer and Moderna’s experimental mRNA preparations cause, among many other side effects, life-threatening myocarditis, especially in young people. Reports are already multiplying of athletes collapsing suddenly and unexpectedly and of traffic accidents following “medical emergencies”. Dr. Peter McCullough, a leading cardiologist, estimates that around 30% of pilots should be assessed as unfit to fly. In Scotland, an unexplained number of babies are dying. This is already the second time in six months that the government has commissioned an investigation into the phenomenon. However, it does not want to link it to vaccines. The same goes for the mysterious cases of hepatitis in children.

In early May, Pfizer documents were published following a court ruling. According to these documents, of the 270 pregnant women vaccinated, 124 – almost half – experienced serious side effects. In 58% of these cases, the side effects were “severe,” including death. Pfizer and the FDA wanted to keep these documents secret for 75 years.

These reports are also consistent with the experiences of Dr. Rebekka Leist, a gynecologist, recently interviewed by “Elsa AUF1”. She explained that, since the start of Covid injections in her fertility practice, she has recorded only 20% more advanced pregnancies; in fact, the figure should be 80%. Gates is probably right, because the worst is yet to come: millions of vaccination victims.

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