U.S. wants to drag Europe into its China ‘containment’ policy

In a recent speech U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken placed Beijing as the main threat to Washington. Henri Kissinger has responded by asking him that if that is true, why the United States has unleashed the Ukrainian War.

The real objective of that war, besides Russia, is to drive a wedge with Europe, to force it into an alliance with the United States. Yesterday the number two of the US State Department, Wendy Sherman, shown in the cover photo, called on Europe to help the United States “contain” the Asian country.

From Washington, Sherman held a videoconference with the European media. To convince the Old Continent to unite in the fight against China, he denounced China’s “economic harassment” of Europe. He cited as examples China’s recent blockade of Lithuanian exports; the fact that Beijing has “defaulted” on the construction of a highway in Montenegro. Or the difficulties of German equipment manufacturer Adidas, which suffered a sharp drop in sales in China in the first quarter due to sanitary confinements and is also the subject of boycott calls in the country.

“Even though Beijing is thousands of miles away […] China’s actions have an impact on Europe’s future,” said Sherman, who welcomed the current cooperation with the Europeans in this area, while wishing to “align our approaches.” The U.S. diplomat stressed that “everyone is thinking about supply chain issues,” in the wake of health confinements and the Ukraine War.

“The U.S. is not looking for a conflict” with China or to decouple its economy from China’s, she said. “We don’t want a new Cold War,” he added, but “we can’t count on Beijing to change its behavior.”

Moreover, while Russia says it is willing to replace its economic ties with the West with China, Sherman stressed that the United States was “mindful” of this alliance. He even threatened Beijing with “consequences” if they decide to send equipment to Russia, which is not currently the case.

Moscow is increasingly distancing itself from the Western bloc, which imposed a series of sanctions on it after the invasion of Ukraine. The Kremlin is seeking new alliances, starting with neighboring China. “Now that the West has adopted a dictatorial stance, our economic ties with China will grow even faster,” Lavrov said recently, adding that China had information and communication technologies “by no means inferior” to those of the West.

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