COVID vaccination for children is not warranted.

Millions of fully vaccinated people have reported serious reactions to the injection. But the available figures, from a system prone to gross underreporting acknowledged by the CDC , show that its flaws are significant.

There have already been 75,433 deaths 5,952,859 injuries recorded between Europe and the U.S. following K0 B1T injections as of 7 Jul. 2022. A figure that the president of the Society of Argentine Pediatricians, Dr. Rodolfo Pablo Moreno denies, even though the figures are official. He also denies that “Less than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported”, according to a Harvard Pilgrim Health Care records report made for the U.S. government. This is very serious and worrisome.

For children aged 6 months to 17 years, the following “adverse events” were recorded as of July 22, including domestic and foreign reports:

132 deaths ( U.S., 56 );
484 permanent disabilities;
4,106 hospitalizations;
1,868 diagnoses of myocarditis;
52,654 total injuries.
The risks of childhood vaccination against COVID-19 must be weighed against the benefits. Very few children become seriously ill or die from COVID-19. The risk of COVID-19 injections outweighs the harm of infection. Two years into this pandemic, the need to vaccinate children is nil. Simple as that.

Data from the U.S. and five other countries show a “minimal” risk of COVID-19 disease for children, on the order of 0.17 deaths per 100,000 cases, according to an article in the BMJ Journal of Medical Ethics.

“In general, children do not become seriously ill with COVID-19,” agreed The Lancet on the basis of data prior to the much less severe Omicron variant .

One member of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory group that voted 19 to 2 in favor of vaccinating our youngest citizens was clearly conflicted.

Dr. Cody Meissner, professor of pediatrics at Tufts Medical School, told the FDA committee that the risk of hospitalization from COVID-19 for children was akin to being struck by lightning-“a very rare event,” he said.

“I think the injection should be available for high-risk children … but again I strongly believe that parents need to understand that the risk is very low from the infection itself . .”

“I think that should be clearly communicated to parents,” he told the committee. However, the message has been quite the opposite.

The FDA pointed to a ” spike ” in childhood COVID-19, with a misleading graph showing a peak in hospitalizations during Omicron of 14.5 per 100,000 children aged six months to four years. But compare that to the figures for influenza illness .

In the 2015-16 season, the hospitalization rate for children up to four years old for influenza was five times higher at 76.9 per 100,000, an average that does not have a misleading peak.

Finally, a recently published British Medical Journal opinion piece concluded about childhood vaccination against COVID-19, “the vast majority benefit little, and it is ethically dubious to seek hypothetical protection of adults while exposing children to harm , known and unknown. “

The vaccinated public has been told to agree to receive four doses of the injection. The acknowledged failure of mRNA injections to stop the spread of COVID-19.

In the Pfizer trial, it was found that, one month after the second injection, children under five years of age had produced virtually no antibodies to the Omicron variant.

In terms of efficacy, Pfizer claimed 80.3% protection against infection in the trial. But the “confidence intervals” (reliability of the data) were huge and the number of cases low, with seven infections in the placebo group and three among the controls.

The FDA said it was “determined that the results were not reliable.” (It is worth noting that the only serious hospitalization in the trial was in a 2-year-old vaccinated child).

Dr. Haider pointed out what the FDA missed. “Children are 100 to 1000 times less affected by COVID-19 than adults,” he said. “The number one problem with the trial is that it didn’t have hundreds of thousands” needed to produce meaningful results. The study had about 4,500 children.

The results for the two doses of Moderna were better than Pfizer’s in terms of antibody production and efficacy, but they were not significant. For example, the efficacy of the injection was a barely acceptable 50.6% for the 6- to 23-month age group by the CDC’s COVID-19 definition, but was a statistically unreliable 31.5% by the FDA definition.

They ranged from 36.8% to 46.4% for the 2-5 year age group. Despite all this, the FDA approved both vaccines.

Dr. Paul Offit , a leading member of the FDA advisory committee who voted against approval. “I felt we were being led here with a critical lack of information,” he said in an interview .

In the end, one big assumption sealed the approval: under a novel concept called “immunopuent,” parallel antibody levels in vaccinated adults would theoretically translate into efficacy in vaccinated children, even when clinical trials yielded weak results.

“They’re using false data about efficacy in adults and transferring it to children,” said immunology expert James Lyons-Weiler , a biomedical research scientist who has reported on vaccines. “Imagine if we did that for cancer treatments that are only tested in adults.”

Consider three studies:

The efficacy of the Pfizer shot “declined rapidly for children, particularly those aged 5 to 11 years,” an Omicron study by New York state officials found, with “low protection” one month after two doses. Thirty-five days after inoculation, efficacy was negative for children ages 5 to 11, meaning a higher likelihood of infection.
Even the CDC admitted in the Journal of the American Medical Association: protection against Omicron for children ages 5 to 15, their study showed, was “modest and declining rapidly.”
A new study from Singapore , discussed below, found that the efficacy of two doses was 48.8% just one to two weeks after double vaccination; it declined to 25.6% at two months, meaning that only one in four infections were prevented.

  1. The risk outweighs the benefit
    Vaccines for infants and children are now allowed under an emergency use authorization , which allows “unapproved medical products…to be used in an emergency to diagnose, treat, or prevent serious or life-threatening diseases or conditions…[if] there are no suitable, approved alternative vaccines available.”

This begs the question: is COVID-19 an emergency for infants who almost never become seriously ill?

The findings of the Singapore study :

Among vaccinated infants, twenty-two suffered unspecified “serious adverse events” and three with COVID-19 were admitted to intensive care units.
Among the unvaccinated, obviously, no children suffered vaccine injury, and only one unvaccinated child was admitted to the ICU.
However, it is well established that many hospitalized patients have COVID-19 infections that are incidental to the primary reason for admission. In addition, “We admit children much more readily than adults…we just don’t take chances with children,” said John Campbell , a nurse educator, in an analysis of the study for 2 million YouTube viewers.

“There is no evidence here that vaccination provides protection” against the more serious outcomes of COVID-19.

In February, Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine reported on two teenagers who died “suddenly and unexpectedly in their sleep without resuscitation” three and four days after receiving their second Pfizer injections.

“Neither child complained of fever, chest pain, palpitations, or dyspnea (shortness of breath),” two physicians wrote, warning about the atypical nature of the heart inflammation, called myocarditis, that killed these children.

The CDC responded by stating that the children had likely died of other causes. Similarly, when a leading cardiologist and a leading immunologist, Dr. Peter McCullough and Jessica Rose, reported that the rates of myocarditis in the VAERS data were “significantly higher in 13- to 23-year-olds,” the article was forced to retract .

Case in point: Dr. Pierre Kory , president of Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, said in a video interview that “more than one patient” told him of physicians who refused to treat them for what they believed were vaccine injuries.

Post-vaccination myocarditis is one of the few widely recognized adverse events, with a 133-fold higher rate in vaccinated adolescents .

Far from being replete with suspicious reports , the digital reporting system is time-consuming, technical, and difficult to navigate. “You have to be a fairly specialist physician to do it,” Campbell commented in an analysis of Israel’s myocarditis rates.

“There are adverse reactions that can be very serious, as serious as death,” Dr. Danice Hertz, a Los Angeles gastroenterologist, told me. “For them to tell me it’s completely safe, it’s just not true…”.

“After fifty deaths, the products should have been taken off the market,” Dr. McCullough said in response to the CDC data review. “The large number of deaths reported in this study” (more than 4,000 then and 29,000 now in the U.S.) “are just the tip of the iceberg.”

A Georgia boy , age 16, who suffered “headache and gastric discomfort for 2 days after the second dose. Then I felt fine. Found the next day dead in bed.”
A Texas girl, 8 years old, who suffered a multisystem inflammatory disease seventy days after vaccination, with carditis in the heart and inflammation in the intestines, lungs, skin and liver. His belly distended and lungs filled with fluid, and he went to the ICU. “Her heart stopped beating right there.”
A Wisconsin girl , 16, suffered heart failure and pulmonary embolism nine days after her second dose; she died two days later, possibly contributing an oral contraceptive.
A Colorado boy , age 15, died of heart failure one day after his first dose.
A Florida boy , age 1, suffered “increased body temperature, convulsions, death” two days after his first dose.
An Iowa girl, age 5, who had an unspecified “complex” medical history, spent the night in a hospital as a precautionary measure after the first dose. Two days later, “she was found pulseless and not breathing” at home.

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