Catherine Austin Fitts: “They want your land, your gold and your children”.

They can put a chip in your hand and implement a network to control your financial transactions, it’s not just about making vaccination mandatory or cutting off your food. They can also take your children and they will take them. What is important to say is that people when they say “I have nothing to hide”. Of course you do, you have to hide your children. I’m serious about this. You know, if you look at the people running this operation, they’re tyrants, they believe in slavery, slavery, it’s the only profitable business in the entire history of mankind on the planet. They will take your children, not all of them. but I can assure you of this. You know, that’s what I said, when I wrote the introduction to the problem about sovereignty.

“This fight is ALL or NOTHING. And I assure you, these guys can print money, they don’t need your money. They want your land, your gold and your children. Those are the real assets they covet.”

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