Power outages will lead to Internet outages

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European governments have acknowledged that organized, planned, localized and short-term power outages may occur in the electricity grid this winter.

The aim of such outages is to eliminate consumption peaks, especially at certain times of the day when falling temperatures lead to excessive demand for heating.

The French Federation of Telecommunications Operators, for its part, has announced that without electricity, mobile repeaters will cease to function and 95 percent of emergency communications pass through these networks.

It is a problem with no solution. The only possibility would be to install a generator in the relays to ensure their operation. But the network has too many relays and switching a relay off takes longer than switching on a light switchboard. Outages can last for hours, cutting Internet and telephone services to both individuals and businesses.

Not only will teleworking be interrupted, but damage occurs. The computer may lose data and the router may become unconfigured.

In Spain, companies must compute the time that the cuts last as effective working time, without workers having to recover that time or suffer any discount on wages.

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