Russia has already achieved one of the main objectives of its war against NATO.

Last December Putin asked Washington for security guarantees in the face of NATO’s continued advance on its borders. He did not receive them, which meant that Russia had to expect a NATO invasion sooner or later. Since Russia has a vast territory, ground forces play the main role in repelling a NATO invasion.

The mobility of ground forces is ensured by Russian armored vehicles, which exist in large numbers, are extremely robust and well protected. There is also a new generation of armored vehicles, superior to Western ones (the T-14 Armata tank, the T-15 infantry fighting machine and Kurganets-25, the K-16 Boomerang armored transport vehicle, the Koalition self-propelled howitzer), ready to be mass-produced in case of a threat.

Firepower is provided by artillery and missiles. The Russian chemical industry produces the most competitive solid fuels with high impulse, used for infantry ammunition, artillery shells, MLRS rockets and the Iskander surface-to-surface missile. Russian ground troops are superior to NATO troops in terms of the number of firing points, especially in the field of large calibers: more than 152 mm.

However, Russian weapons are inferior to NATO weapons in terms of accuracy; the probability of neutralization with an unguided Russian projectile is 60 percent lower than that of the Americans, who use precision ammunition. The only Russian precision projectiles are laser-guided: Kitolov-2 in 120 and 122 mm caliber and Krasnopol in 152 or 155 mm caliber. The Americans use GPS-guided projectiles, which are easier to use and harder to jam. Almost all Excalibur missiles and Himars MLRS and ATACMS tactical missiles are equipped with the same American guidance device, whose secrets to neutralize it have not yet been discovered by the Russians.

How could Russia obtain information about the advanced technologies of NATO ground troops, their methods of use in combat, but also find and test the antidote for each of them, without provoking a confrontation with NATO?

Russian military leaders sensed that the West would help Ukraine by training military personnel and also offering modern weapons, the precision-firing components of which Russia wanted to test. As the possibilities of NATO states are limited, the quantity of these weapons could not hamper Russia’s special operation too much. For the Russians, it was therefore a matter of testing Western weapons, not in range conditions, but in a real combat situation.

The GRU, the Russian military espionage, was tasked with investigating some of the types of NATO guided weapons aimed at Russia. Several groups of the Russian army’s special operations forces were tasked not to attack them after they entered Ukraine, but to continuously monitor from the air, via satellites and infiltration, the route of Western weapons.

Putin also integrated several hundred of the best Russian experts in the development of ground weapons guidance systems into the special operation in Ukraine. They were the first to evaluate the weapons captured from the Ukrainians.

There remained a large amount of Soviet weapons in the arsenals of the former socialist states, which the United States could buy and deliver to Ukraine. However, these weapons were of no interest to the Russians and were attacked as soon as they entered Ukrainian territory. The Russian plan was to remove Ukrainian weapons that had no equivalent on the Soviet arms market from the market and were to be replaced by NATO precision weapons.

The neutralization of a large part of the Ukrainian air force, air reconnaissance radars and AA defense batteries on the first day of the special operation was part of that scenario. Therefore, NATO states sent FIM-92 Stinger and MISTRAL man-portable AA missiles, AN/MPQ-64 Sentinel radars and AGM-88 HARM anti-radar missiles to Ukraine to replace them.

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2 thoughts on “Russia has already achieved one of the main objectives of its war against NATO.

  1. Back when Peter the Great was in power,Russia had no navy to compete.Despite its large border ,Russia only had Archangel as a port.It was frozen over for 6 months of the year so rendering the navy ineffective.Peter headed south and secured a permanent port with access to the Mediterranean and the Atlantic in Crimea.Later on the war in Crimea was fought and it ended up being leased to RussiaWell that ran out just a few years back.Its clearly made Russia active again in securing that port.I don’t think Putin ever really tried for Kiev,as long as the Ukranians were diverted from Crimea then they could just march in there and secure it.Everything else Russia has done seems to be only diversionary.Their mission was completed months ago and now its just a matter of swatting off the Ukranians.I think we’re witnessing a master class in long term and strategic thinking.


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