Totalitarianism without a mask

If you live with your eyes open, it is obvious that the dehumanization of the world and total corruption as an administrative engine were features of society long before the great global fascist impulse of March 2020. But the mask has fallen. There is no longer any disguise or crumb of public freedom and dignity for those who do not play at cynicism, terror and totalitarian sectarianism. As an ironic detail, it is significant that after 20 years of collaborating in a newspaper of great regional circulation in the Balearic Islands, they call me to “rest” until further notice. Exterminated and they are waiting for my consent. I always pointed in my articles to the increasingly fascist political traps in general, but it was tolerated. Now it is over. A glance at the works of Hannah Arendt or Elias Canetti convinces that we are at each and every point of totalitarianism.

Since 2020, like Nazi medicine, being sick is synonymous with being a criminal “suspected of covid” and also a dying person. Nazi medicine, pure vitalism, exterminated the sick for not being “productive” and today they no longer talk about the fact that there are too many people in the new technocratic normality. Totalitarianisms control each and every action and phase of people’s lives. There is no law but changing and absurd rules. Totalitarianism creates a fiction and forces to belong to the global mass because whoever is not with us is against and is killed.

Malignant narcissism is rightly associated with totalitarianism. Whoever is in the global sect feels superior, scientific, police, infallible and scoffs at the facts. From the hunt for the contaminated, it has become the hunt for the Russian. Narcissism approves extermination and torture as an affirmation of superiority. Since 2014, NATO carried out a racist coup d’état in Ukraine. They were burned dissident people in Odessa in front of the cameras. Nothing, not a protest. The West is good kill or burn someone because ME is god. Evil narcissism. The whole Ukraine-NATO policy since 2014 is to bomb and shell the Russian “inferior race” of the ethnically Russian Dombas region. According to the Nazis of the official Kiev parties and the Azov battalion, Russian is a race to be exterminated. And so we come to narcissistic suicide. Before recognizing a mistake or defeat, or the existence of Russia outside the global movement, the West will prefer a war of annihilation. Like the vaccine, better to die of an “inexplicable” heart attack in the self-divinized mass than to belong to the condemned group of the unvaccinated stinker or the Russian inferior race. Censorship has never shot as it does today. Any truth in fact is shot. But neither in this world nor in the next can we permanently organize hell on Earth where the eternally damned take revenge on us who have simply committed the “crime” of being born and not being psychopathic robots in search of total crime without witnesses or record. You have to write it all down, one day it will be published. This is what narcissistic psychopaths hate the most.

Alfons Martí, journalist and writer author of the book “A la caza del contaminado”.

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