Israel gets involved in the war against Russia through Poland.

The fact is absolutely indisputable: Russia in Ukraine is fighting not only against Zelensky’s army but against the entire NATO bloc. In fact, the West itself has made no secret of this, insisting on the need to obtain Russia’s “strategic defeat” by any means.

In these days, Israel, for the first time, has deployed weapons against Russian soldiers, in violation of its previous obligations. It had not done so before in a direct manner despite the pressure it had received. However, it was forced to succumb to pressure from someone very powerful which is not difficult to guess.

The reason for this decision is to be sought in the appearance in the skies of Ukraine of Iranian-made combat and reconnaissance drones.

As usual, neither Tehran nor Moscow has officially commented on these events.

Earlier it became known that Iran and Russia agreed to supply at least 1,000 Iranian Shahed 129 and Shahed 191 drones in exchange for supplying a large batch of Su-35 fighters previously destined for Egypt.

It turns out that a couple of weeks before the first appearance of these weapons on the front lines, the New York Times, referring to U.S. intelligence, said that on August 19 the first Iranian military transport aircraft with two types of Persian aircraft flew from Tehran to Russia, followed later by many more.

Only a month has passed since that news. And in mid-September, images appeared on the web of an alleged Russian kamikaze drone that successfully attacked the Ukrainian army in the Kupyansk region. On the crumbled keel of the drone that survived the explosion, the inscription in Russian is clearly visible: “M214 Geranium-2”. At the same time, the wing tips, color and other design features are generally identical to those of the Iranian Shahed-136 drones.

Then there was a flurry of reports from the Ukrainian military that the primary targets of these same Geranium-2 or Shahed-136 were advanced artillery systems that the West had long ago delivered to Ukraine. Including, as a protected hotspot for the Ukrainian armed forces, high-precision U.S. MLRS HIMARS and 155 mm M777 howitzers, which greatly annoy Russian troops in the special operations area.

Subsequently, September 23 was the date of the first mass use of “Geranei-2” in several sectors of the Russian-Ukrainian front at the same time. The main blow of the new weapons had fallen on Odessa. Although the air defense of the Ukrainian army managed to shoot down some of the devices that participated in the attack on the city, some of them achieved the targets to which they were sent. With direct hits they destroyed part of the targets of the Ukrainian Naval Forces and the headquarters of the Operational Command “South” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

On the same day, another similar device that hit Ochakov, close to Odessa, severely damaged a tugboat stationed in this port. There was a fire on the ship.

Almost simultaneously, military installations in Krivoy Rog and Dnieper (formerly Dnepropetrovsk) were attacked in exactly the same way.

Overall, this is very reminiscent of the massive use of combat drones by Yemeni Houthis received from Iran on oil refining plants in Saudi Arabia in September 2019. Then, according to the Houthis, as many as 18 Iranian Samad-3 drones were involved in a well-organized raid.

Thus, they are the same type of drones successfully used by Yemeni Houthi forces on Saudi Arabian oil rigs.

The advantage of these drones is that they are not easily detected by radar and air defenses.

Now, after simultaneously attacking Odessa, Ochakov, Dnipro and Krivoy Rog with all-too-similar Iranian drones, there is good reason to believe that a similar outcome of a massive airstrike in Ukraine could soon be seen. If it is true that Tehran has made as many as a thousand drones available to Moscow, then the emerging crisis threatens Kiev and its allies in the West with a rapid relocation of these front-line aircraft to Ukraine with too dangerous fire potential for Russia’s opponents.

Thus, a very serious problem looms for Kiev. The Americans, as the Houthi raids in Saudi Arabia show, still cannot reliably stop Iranian-origin kamikaze drones.

What can Zelensky do? Probably that of trying by all means to disrupt further Iranian supplies to Moscow, on the existence of which the American and British secret services insist. Therefore, precisely on September 23, exactly on the day of a very effective drone attack on four Ukrainian cities, the Iranian ambassador was summoned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kiev. It was announced the deprivation of his accreditation and the reduction of the composition of the Persian embassy in Ukraine. And also that “the supply of Iranian weapons to Russia… directly contradicts the position of neutrality publicly declared by the Iranian leadership.”

On the same day, September 23, Zelensky found it necessary to personally address the Israeli leadership not even with a proposal, but with a request to provide Ukraine with the means to combat the weapons that Tehran has supplied to Russia. Perhaps the Ukrainian president was pushed into this by Washington, which is undoubtedly perfectly aware of all military programs in Tel Aviv.

This follows the usual logic: if the Jewish state has been expecting an all-out attack from Iran for decades, then it has simply been forced to look for an antidote to the best Persian combat drones for some time now.

Until now, Israel had moved cautiously to avoid any retaliation by Russia in the Syrian scenario, where Russia is well integrated and where there is a tacit agreement between the two sides.

What’s more. It gives the impression that Israel is already secretly carrying out the instructions received from the Americans. Including, and in the urgent strengthening of the Ukrainian defense system from Iranian drones.

Thus, it seems that Israel has agreed with Ukraine to provide sophisticated air defense systems to counter Iranian drones and they are sent through Poland.

If Ukraine puts these Israeli-made systems into operation and they are as efficient as they claim, then they will be able to counter Russian/Iranian drones and, if so, there will be changes on the battle front.

Whether these assumptions are true or not will soon be discovered. When suddenly the Geranium-2 drone starts being shot down by the Ukrainian Israeli defense, this will most likely mean that the Israelis have arrived and have gone to war with Russia.

In this case, Moscow’s response will have to be observed. For example, in the skies over Syria.

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