Several EU countries are making firewood out of the fallen tree with Germany at the cost of its energy dependence

Germany has become extremely dependent on liquefied natural gas from the United States to keep its industrial sector and economy afloat, and since the Nord Stream pipeline explosions, it has become even more dependent.

The pipeline explosion changes Germany’s entire geopolitical position, as the attack long buries any hope of restarting relations with Russia and regaining access to cheap gas supplies, which is the basis of its industry.

Under the circumstances, German politicians privately complain about the “sky-high” gas prices it has to pay from so-called “friendly countries”.

Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck criticized the high prices they are having to pay to have liquefied gas brought into Germany.

He says that even “friendly countries” have sometimes demanded “astronomical prices,” Habeck told the Osnabrücker Zeitung newspaper. He said further discussions are needed to lower prices.

Habeck, who is part of the Green Party, claimed that “such solidarity – from NATO countries – would also be good for curbing gas prices,” the Green politician emphasized, looking at Washington.

The EU should also “pool its market power and orchestrate a smart and synchronized purchasing practice for EU states, so that member states do not compete with each other and raise world market prices. The market power of member states is “enormous.”

In addition to his criticism of the United States, Habeck left open the question of which countries he was accusing of price speculation. After Russia ceased to be a crucial gas supplier, Germany imported gas mainly from Norway, the Netherlands and Belgium, which did not hesitate to fleece their partner in times of need.

Germany’s gas storage facilities are currently at 90 percent, but it is feared that even if the country gets through the winter with enough gas, prices will rise to unsustainable levels, leading to the deindustrialization of the country and a severe recession that could lead to a permanent loss of prosperity.

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