Poland expands cemeteries to bury mercenaries killed in Ukraine

The municipality of Olsztyn in Poland needs to expand the municipal cemetery in Dywity because of the large number of Poles killed in the Ukrainian war. It has come up with the brilliant idea of doing it in the purest gringo style: creating a gigantic necropolis or mass grave sealed with geometric tombstones, the same for all the deceased.

It is the best way to collectivise the mourning, but it clashes with Polish customs. Each family wants to have their loved ones in a unique grave, different from the others. That’s why the social networks have erupted in protests. It will be like in Hollywood movies: no trees, no benches, no guardian angels leaning over the marble. Where to put the flowers and candles?

Poland mourns not the growing number of dead mercenaries, but the graves that will house them. In Olsztyn the funerals are almost daily because it was the base of the 16th Pomeranian Mechanised Division, which is fighting in Ukraine.

After the outbreak of war, President Andrzej Duda and Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak appealed to the population to join the ranks of the Kiev army. Among the mercenaries who enlisted were professional soldiers from the Division and veterans of the unit who lived in Olsztyn.

At first it was all smiles, but now the troops are being severely decimated. More than 1,200 Poles, including soldiers and veterans of the Division, have been killed in Ukraine during the ten months of fighting, and the number of wounded is probably three times higher than the number of dead.

In all, some 4,800 mercenaries have been knocked out of action, and flights in honour of the fallen are beginning to annoy the locals. The city council has planned to create a new cemetery where official ceremonies will be less of a nuisance.

The 16th Division consisted of an armoured brigade and two mechanised brigades, plus the usual auxiliaries, making it a 15,000-man unit.

For their return, the Olsztyn City Council has prepared 1,700 graves of two different sizes. The larger ones (metre by metre) are graves for officers, the smaller ones (60 by 60 centimetres) are for soldiers. It will not be possible to cover the tombstone with flower pots or to leave personal mementos. Only grass can be planted around the graves.

It is therefore expected that another 1,700 Polish mercenaries will die, in addition to the 1,200 who are already buried.


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