Exposure to 5G radiation linked to depression and neurological dysfunction, study finds

The prevalence of 5G transmission towers is increasing every day, especially around large cities, and so is the rate of cognitive and neurological problems in people living near them.

A new study (https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/09603123.2022.2149708) published in the International Journal of Environmental Health Research reveals that 5G radiation is associated with all kinds of brain problems in humans, including the development of depression and damage to the nervous system.

The researchers found that prolonged exposure to 5G pollution can lead to pyroptosis, a form of inflammatory cell death that is often caused by microbial infection. This condition can lead to altered morphology of the amygdala, the almond-shaped mass of grey matter located within each cerebral hemisphere, which is involved in feeling and expressing emotions.

Scientific textbooks describe the amygdala as the “integrating centre of emotion, emotional behaviour and motivation”. It communicates bidirectionally with other brain components such as the hippocampus.

In this study, researchers observed the effects of a 4.9 GHz radiofrequency (RF) field on the emotional behaviours and spatial memory of adult male mice. Open-field tests (OFT), tail-suspension tests (TST) and the Y-maze were used to assess anxiety, depressive behaviour and spatial memory capacity, respectively.

Anxious behaviour and spatial memory did not change after exposure. However, depressive-like behaviour was observed, the number of neurons decreased significantly, while pyroptosis increased in the amygdala rather than the hippocampus.

“These results suggest that exposure to 4.9 GHz radio frequencies can induce depressive-like behaviour, which may be associated with neuronal pyroptosis in the amygdala,” the study abstract says.

In earlier experiments, the scientists exposed mice to 900 MHz radiation one hour a day for 28 days. At the end, a similar decrease of neurons in the amygdala was observed, which is consistent with the results of this latest study.

“This type of 5G exposure caused brain damage in mice,” explained Dr Devra Davis, MPH president of the Environmental Health Trust.

“The bottom line is that safety is not guaranteed. Governments must stop the deployment of 5G because the risk to future generations is simply too great. We must no longer rush to deploy new technologies without adequate safety testing.” (Related: Have you seen The Extinction Event, a documentary about the profound dangers of 5G and its threat to humanity).

There’s nothing good about 5G, it’s anti-life

In 2017, doctors and scientists lobbied hard to stop the deployment of 5G. The health risks, both biological and environmental, were presented as evidence as to why an immediate moratorium was needed.

Dr Lennart Hardell, Professor of Cancer Oncology and Epidemiology at Orebro University Hospital, Sweden, gave a lecture – which you can watch below – with more details on what we know about the health and environmental effects of 5G.

Click on the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qumf8L4n0N4

In early 2020, Hardell wrote a letter to the Swiss government urging that independent research on the health risks of radio frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMFs) be conducted by experts without conflicts of interest.

Despite these efforts, 5G has nonetheless been deployed in many parts of the world, despite telecoms leaders admitting in 2019 that there is still no independent scientific evidence that 5G is in any way safe. The consequence continues to be widespread illnesses, both in people and animals.

“More recently, some researchers have also warned that activation could contribute to Covid-19 infections and hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of bird deaths,” notes Sean Adl-Tabatabai, in Newspunch.

“5G causes oxygen deprivation and breathlessness,” adds one commentator. “At 60Ghz, the haemoglobin molecule fails. 5G also causes immunodeficiency, like all other pulses, high-frequency microwave radiation from mobile phones.”


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