China: from ‘covid zero’ to ‘covid thousand’.

Yesterday the Hong Kong media reported that pandemic figures have soared in China and that the number of deaths and hospitalisations due to “covid” has increased. The conclusion seems obvious: the cause is the end of the “covid zero” policy and the situation has reached the other extreme: “covid thousand”. Therefore, the Chinese government should never have given in to popular pressure against the confinements.

If we move from conventional media to official statements, yesterday the Chinese government announced the deaths of two patients in Beijing, the only two so far since health restrictions were lifted on 7 December.

Who should we listen to?

When it comes to China, the “serious” press cannot listen to official statements and resorts to looking for witnesses, occasional “experts” and, finally, to rummaging through social networks. “The [official] figures don’t tell the whole story,” says Leong Hoe Nam, an infectious disease expert from Singapore.

Western chronicles draw a map identical to that of the start of the pandemic in Wuhan. The variants, the curves, the contagions, the waves, the collapsed funeral parlours and the 24-hour crematoria are back.

Paradoxically, newspaper reports claim that China is now experiencing the opposite of what is happening in countries such as Spain. Here the old people’s homes were abandoned during the confinements, while China has kept them in care and is now abandoning them.

One of the country’s leading “experts”, Wu Zunyou, has warned that China is now facing the first of three waves of “covid” expected this winter. He predicts that the current wave will last until mid-January and will mainly affect cities. The second will come in February and will be due to travel related to the Lunar New Year holidays (22 January). The third peak will occur “between the end of February and mid-March, when people infected during the holidays return to their workplaces”.

The explanation is far-fetched and contradicts the practices imposed in most countries of the world during the pandemic: as a result of the confinements, the Chinese have not acquired natural immunity to coronaviruses, i.e. the government got it wrong. Beijing is always wrong, even if they do the same as other countries in the world. What they should have done is the same as the reviled Sweden: not confine, let the virus circulate and let people get infected.

As a consequence of the end of the confinements, the forecasts of the “experts” are apocalyptic: 1.5 million Chinese may die in the coming months. These forecasts are like all the pandemic forecasts: utterly stupid. During three years of pandemic and confinement, China has attributed only 5,237 deaths to “covid”, a truly insignificant figure. It is ridiculous that in a few months there are 1.5 million deaths.

The only relevant conclusion is that 5,237 deaths in three years, i.e. 1,745 per year for a total population of 1.5 billion people, do not justify the confinement of any city or neighbourhood. In other words: there has been no “covid” in China.

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