Vaccines cause miscarriages to soar in Switzerland

In 2022, one year after the start of the vaccination campaign, far fewer children were born in many countries. In the first half of 2022, Switzerland recorded 15 percent fewer births than in 2021. This is the biggest drop since 1871, the year statistics began.

The figures also show that abortions increased significantly in 2022. Germany, for example, recorded 16 per cent more abortions in the third quarter of last year than in the previous year.

The same was already observed in the first two quarters. Drug-induced abortions increased by about 5 percent in the third quarter. The developments are provoking heated discussions. The reasons for the declining birth rate are unclear and controversial. Opponents of mRNA injections are certain: the reason for the birth decline is vaccination; the authorities and state-friendly scientists, on the other hand, deny it.

Swissmedic, the Swiss medicines regulatory and supervisory authority, has cited the “health crisis” and “economic uncertainties” as partial explanations for the falling birth rate.

Meanwhile, the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) has again recommended booster vaccinations for pregnant women this winter. The argument is that it will “temporarily” improve “protection against a severe course of the disease”.

Sarah F., who has been working as an independent midwife in the Zurich area for ten years and is active in the medical network Aletheia, says: “Since the start of the vaccination campaign for pregnant women until May 2022, I have observed around four times more late miscarriages, miscarriages and stillbirths in the canton of Zurich than in previous years.”

“It is all very sad, alarming and challenging.” Sarah F. points out that in the canton of Zurich, in the first half of 2022, the number of births has decreased by about 20 percent. She assumes that this is at least partly due to stillbirths. She is convinced that there is a link between the increase in stillbirths, falling birth rates and mRNA injections. Konstantin Beck, associate professor of insurance economics at the University of Lucerne, has shown that declining birth rates correlate with high vaccination rates.

Sarah F. also criticises that the consequences of mRNA injections are not studied at all. The vaccination status of mothers and fathers would not be recorded, so comparisons and cohort studies are not possible.

This is a circumstance that several midwives in the Aletheia medical network criticise. For this reason, they also contacted the Swiss Association of Midwives (SHV). “We are trying to talk to the association.

Doro B. made similar remarks to Sarah F. She is a naturopath and offers, among other things, acupuncture. She also treats pregnant women. She says she “knows several women who were vaccinated and lost their babies during pregnancy”.

She mentions a childbirth preparation course with 12 participants, including one of her patients. “More than half of the participants in this course lost their babies. I have never heard of anything like it.

With more than 30,000 members, the Telegram channel “Impfschadenen Schweiz Coronaimpf” reports on the most diverse side effects they observe after vaccination. Last year, a pregnant woman who is in contact with other mothers-to-be wrote:

“At least 2-3 mothers declare every day to have suffered a sudden miscarriage. When I look at the profiles […] I see that almost all of them are vaccinated […] Nobody associates it with vaccination. The group I am mainly in is not big either, there are about 80 mothers in it”.

The drop in the number of births is also felt in the funeral parlours. For example, Karin F., who has been working in a funeral parlour in Switzerland for many years. “In 2022 we will bury six stillbirths. Since I have been working as a funeral director, this has never happened to me,” she says. In previous years, there had never been more than three.

Karin F. also noted that the crematoria in 2022 often saw children’s coffins. “I haven’t seen that many in previous years. According to Karin F., stillbirths should be investigated. “Autopsies should be carried out. But that doesn’t happen. They look the other way. She also criticises the fact that the vaccination status of mothers is not recorded.

Karin F. stresses that her observations are not taken out of the blue. She points to the sharp decline in births in 2022 and says: “In this context, I find it a scandal that the OFSP continues to recommend mRNA injections for pregnant women. Instead of looking at it with a magnifying glass, keep getting vaccinated.

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