Russia has always emerged stronger from attacks by the West

Russia has always emerged stronger from Western attacks, columnist Bercan Tutar writes in the Turkish edition of Sabah (*), which counts at least five attempts by Western states to attack Russia over the past 300 years.

On each occasion it has not only managed to repel the attacks, but has become stronger.

The first Western attack on Russia was Napoleon’s campaign of 1812. The Russians’ fascination with French culture after the 1789 revolution was reduced to nothing. Anti-Western sentiments began to prevail in Russian society.

After the 1917 revolution, the so-called “civil war” was the second attempt of a Western offensive against Russia. The White Guard, with Western help, tried to suppress the workers’ and peasants’ uprising, but failed. As a result, the USSR was born, which for many years became the main ideological opponent of the West.

World War II (“Great Patriotic War” for the Soviets) and the Cold War were the third and fourth attempts to subjugate Russia. The latest Western attack on Russia, in Tutar’s view, is the 2014 fascist coup in Kiev. As a result, Russia has unleashed a war that is shaking the global stability of the major Western powers.

Tutar recalls that after each Western attack, Russia acted with a new political identity and grew stronger. Now, as the US, through the Kiev government, tries to defeat Russia on the battlefield, the Russians are turning to countries outside the Western orbit to undermine the foundations of US hegemony.

At the end of the last century, the balance of the second millennium could be summed up as follows: the biggest mistakes of the millennium were all the military campaigns against Russia.


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