Dung beetle is now on the Spanish daily menu

A European Commission Regulation of January 5 authorizes the marketing of frozen, paste, dried and powdered forms of the larvae of “Alphitobius diaperinus” (dung beetle) as a novel food.

The regulation is already published in the Official State Gazette (*) and to avoid vomiting some people change the name of the beetle and say that it is only “Acheta domesticus”, that is, a “domestic cricket”, which does not feed on shit.

In 2019 a company, Cricket One, filed an application with the European Commission to use in the European Union flour from “Acheta domesticus” in various foods, such as breads, cookies or dried pasta.

The European Commission approved the application, but only Cricket One is authorized to market this new food, for a period of five years from January 24, 2023. If other companies apply at a later date, they will also be able to obtain authorization.

The new ingredients in which the meal will be present must be listed on the packaging with their scientific and commonly used names, according to the labeling rules set out in European Commission documents from January this year on the addition of insects to food.

Insect-derived foods such as crickets, migratory locusts and mealworms have been allowed to be marketed by the European Union since 2021 and are subject to appropriate labeling.

The labels must warn that there is a risk of allergy and we will cross our fingers that this is the case… Every day we will walk the shelves of the stores and, before buying anything, we will look carefully at the labels to check the origin of each food…

In bars and restaurants we will also ask if the batter is made with cricket or beetle flour.

If you have a complaint, do not ask for a complaints book; go directly to the Minister of Consumer Affairs, Alberto Garzón, who wants to take the steak off our plate.

(*) https://www.boe.es/doue/2023/005/L00010-00015.pdf

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