This is the biggest battle we face

The implementation of Central Bank Digital Currencies is the most critical battle we now face.

And the powers that be understand there will be massive resistance to it.

They will pretend it will not lead to micromanagement of everybody’s life, and in its early stages, I believe they won’t be used for any nefarious purposes upfront.

However, once it’s been put into place, the stipulations for using it will gradually creep in, drip, drip, drip.

From a purely technical perspective, CBDC is not required. Sure, it may be an innovative way to streamline global banking and finance. But this is not why it’s being put into place.

It’s about control, it’s about management, it’s about making you, a sovereign individual into a modern-day serf in the Neo – feudalistic world that the power structure has longed to bring into reality for hundreds if not thousands of year’s.

We might not be able to stop its implementation – but we can demand a charter or bill of rights which would allow the system to be put in, but guarantee it won’t be used to punish or reward people based on their overall behaviour or spending habits.

Ideally, it doesn’t get put in to begin with, as this would only lead to a constant battle to make it more restrictive.

The people who want this system are all advocates of slavery, they believe they have a right to operate above people and control every single aspect of their lives.

You would be very wise to resist this program.

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