About me

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You’re probably wondering what is this website.

Well, welcome to “El colectivo de Uno”, a website mainly dedicated to expose the covid pandemic, or “plandemic” by some clever people. I started this website back in February of this year when I “got” “”Covid””, from one of the members of my family, not going to say his name to spare him the blushing (*cough* my brother *cough*) and at that point, I was very well aware of the lies that surrounded this “pandemic” so I’ve decided to do something about it and start this blog.

Oh yeah, I also hate climate change, and post about conspiracy theories shit every once in a while, but that is not our main focus.

Now…I SHOULD probably mention that you are going to barely see any “original” articles, most of them are going to be stolen, ehm, I mean taken from other websites and all the links to the websites will be at the bottom of the article (If i don’t forget to do so, sometimes I do…) and they are either presented in full or translated from that website, so you should probably check them out, instead of me.

According to my numbers, here they are, ever since I started in february of 2021, there have been:

  1. * + 300.000 visits
  2. * + 200.000 visitors
  3. * + 35000 shares on facebook (even tho they don’t want me too)
  4. * + 4000 shares on twitter (they don’t like me neither)

There’s also manysocialmediaaccounts, you can follow, if you like.

Be careful out there.