Sherri Tenpenny-COVID vaccines are “a perfectly engineered killing machine.”

Sherri Tenpenny is an Ohio osteopath who has written four books challenging the vaccination narrative. "They are not asking people who have been diagnosed with this mutant strain, 'Have you received one of the unapproved vaccines?' No one is making the connection. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has worked out eight mechanisms of action of how the... Continue Reading →

Pro-vaccine cybersecurity expert Dan Kaminsky DEAD at 42 after experimental COVID injection

by Brian Shilhavy The New York Post reports that 42-year-old cybersecurity expert Dan Kaminsky died shortly after receiving an experimental injection of COVID. Cybersecurity expert Dan Kaminsky has died at the age of 42, leaving his niece to fight speculation that he died from complications from a recent COVID-19 vaccine. The tech genius's niece, Sarah,... Continue Reading →


The contagiousness of aerosols is very low. SARS-CoV2 is not transmitted very well by small droplets that remain suspended in the air. This is according to a study published in Physics of Fluids, which has analyzed the ability of SARS-CoV-2 to spread in enclosed spaces, and which concludes that transmission by aerosol is not a... Continue Reading →

Vaccinate chemotherapy patients

In Spain they are "vaccinating" cancer patients while giving them chemotherapy treatments. We see that the madness of the authorities to find people to convince, blackmail and force this injection has no limits. And, as is well known, the inevitable side effect of chemotherapy is immunosuppression: that is, people who are totally weakened, fighting, they... Continue Reading →

Pfizer raises price of vaccines it supplies to the European Union by 50 percent

The European Union is negotiating with Pfizer the largest contract in history to supply vaccines. It is to buy 1.8 billion doses, an astronomical figure that represents four times the population of the 27 Member States and 23 percent of the world's population. On the occasion of the new order, which totals $41 billion, the... Continue Reading →

Gov’t bans AstraZeneca vaccine, says it’s more likely to kill you than Covid

The only way to fight a deadly virus is to use an even deadlier vaccine. No, let me correct myself: covid is actually less dangerous. Via Sputnik News: Pending a final decision on the controversial vaccine, Norway has decided to distribute its AstraZeneca stockpile to other Nordic countries that actually want to use it despite... Continue Reading →


A secret UK government document has been leaked entitled 'Summary of a further relaxation of restrictions model, Step 2 of the roadmap' which discusses the consequences of the reopening of the country, an event in the face of which a third wave of deaths is considered inevitable, which, this time, will be a direct consequence... Continue Reading →

Man arrested in Mallorca ‘for coughing loudly’ and consequently ‘spreading covid’ to several people

A 40-year-old man has been arrested this week by police in Mallorca and accused of "voluntarily" infecting 22 people with coronavirus, in a delusional "operation". The man, a resident of Manacor, is accused of "intentionally" infecting at least 22 people with covid-19, eight of them directly and 14 indirectly, both at his workplace and at... Continue Reading →

Risk of thrombus following AstraZeneca vaccine doubles in a fortnight

The risk of suffering a serious blood clot following AstraZeneca's vaccine has doubled in a fortnight, according to the latest figures from the UK's Medicines Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Cases have risen from 79 to 168 since April 8, and deaths from 19 to 32. The risk of suffering a blood clot has also risen... Continue Reading →

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