Here is the study, download it before it mysteriously “disappears”:

A study that Pfizer submitted to Japanese health authorities in 2020 clearly foreshadowed serious risks of blood clotting and other adverse effects. The study accompanied the application for emergency use authorisation of its “vaccine” in that country, so presumably it was submitted to other countries who simply looked the other way instead of weighing up the serious consequences the study foresaw: heart attacks, strokes, thrombosis, damage to female fertility or infants, and so on.

Pfizer’s mRNA “vaccines” – like Moderna’s – consist of a synthetic messenger RNA (mRNA) encoding the SARS-CoV-2 “spike protein” “Spike”, which is normally found on the surface of coronavirus particles. This mRNA is coated with a mixture of synthetic lipids (fat-like molecules) that protect it during transport within the body and also facilitate its uptake into target cells.

Once the injection has entered a cell, it is initially enclosed by a membrane vesicle, a small bubble that is detached from the cell membrane. The subsequent accumulation of acid within this bubble causes lipids to be removed and mRNA to be released into the cytosol (the intracellular fluid); this release step is facilitated by the cationic lipid ALC-0315 (see below). The mRNA then binds to ribosomes, the cell’s small protein factories, and induces the synthesis of the actual spike protein molecules. Most of the spike protein molecules will then be transported to the cell surface.

Once it appears there, it will be recognised by B lymphocytes (B cells), which will then start producing antibodies against it. In addition, a part of the spike protein “Spike protein” can also be cleaved by proteases on the cell surface and released from the cell. If this happens in the circulation, the released fragment, called S1, can bind to blood platelets (thrombocytes) and activate them. In this way, the spike protein directly promotes blood clotting.

With the exception of female fertility, which simply cannot be assessed in the short period of time during which the injections have been used, all the risks noted in the first paragraph have been proven since the vaccines were launched; they are all manifested in the reports. These records also contain a very considerable number of forecasts of miscarriages and deaths shortly after vaccination, which should have prompted an urgent investigation.

Despite this, several regulatory agencies granted emergency use authorisation on the basis of data so incomplete and insufficient as to amount to nothing less than gross negligence.

Because the so-called clinical trials were conducted with such sloppiness, the real trials are only now occurring, on a massive scale and with devastating results. This “vaccine”, and others, are often referred to as “experimental”. Continuing or even demanding the use of this toxic injection, and the seemingly imminent issuance of its full approval, are crimes against humanity.


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