Internal Pfizer research that has been leaked to the media shows that the coronavirus spike protein in the COVID-19 vaccine unexpectedly enters the bloodstream, which is a plausible explanation for thousands of reported side effects, from blood clots and heart disease to brain damage and reproductive problems, Byram W. Bridle, a Canadian cancer vaccine researcher, recently stated.

Vaccine researchers had assumed that the new COVID mRNA vaccines would behave like “traditional” vaccines and that the vaccine protein responsible for infection and its more severe symptoms would remain primarily at the vaccination site in the shoulder muscle. Instead, the leaked data showed that the infamous coronavirus spike protein enters the blood where it circulates for several days after vaccination and then accumulates in organs and tissues such as the spleen, bone marrow, liver, adrenal glands and in ” fairly high concentrations “in the ovaries.

“The results of this leaked Pfizer study tracking the biodistribution of vaccine mRNA are not surprising, but the implications are frightening,” Stephanie Seneff, a senior research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, told LifeSiteNews. “It is now clear” that the contents of the vaccine are being delivered to the spleen and glands, including the ovaries and adrenal glands. “The released spike protein is pouring into the milieu and then eventually reaches the bloodstream causing systemic damage. ACE2 receptors are common in the heart and brain, and that’s how the spike protein causes cardiovascular and cognitive problems,” Seneff said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently announced that it was studying reports of “mild” heart conditions after COVID-19 vaccination, and last week 18 adolescents in the state of Connecticut alone were hospitalized for heart problems that developed shortly after taking the vaccine. Vaccines for COVID-19.

AstraZeneca’s vaccine was discontinued in several countries and is no longer recommended for younger people because of its link to fatal and potentially fatal blood clots, but COVID mRNA vaccines have also been linked to hundreds of reports of blood clotting events .

Pediatric rheumatologist J. Patrick Whelan had warned a Food and Drug Administration vaccine advisory committee of the possibility that the spike protein in COVID vaccines causes microvascular damage that causes liver, heart and brain damage in “ways that were not evaluated in safety testing.”

The vaccine-associated spike protein in the bloodstream could explain the large number of reported adverse events from COVID vaccines, including the 4,000 deaths to date and nearly 15,000 hospitalizations reported to the U.S. government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) as of May 21, 2021. Because it is a passive reporting system, these reports are likely just the tip of an iceberg of adverse events, as a Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare study found that less than 1 percent of the side effects that physicians are required to report in patients after vaccination are actually reported to VAERS.

(Source: http://ramblalibre.com/)

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