The population is not manipulable just because, they are lobotomized through the psychotronic frequencies emitted via television.

The patent approval for this mass control technology has been in operation since 1992. Approved in U.S. PATENT # 5159703.

  1. Sustained tone reaching the highest pitch of our hearing ability, i.e. 15,000 Hz.
  2. Frequency modulator of the voices causing a hypnotic effect in a low frequency range, i.e. between 300Hz to 4000Hz.
  3. Control through inaudible modulating frequencies.
  4. The sound often becomes a sustained tone that is compared to Tinnitus, which is hypnotic at a deeper level.
  5. The brain hears and understands subliminal command voices, while the ear perceives different tones and/or buzzes.


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