40 sudden deaths in five days causes calls for Covid vaccine to be suspended in Italy

The leader of the Civil Rights Movement, Franco Corbelli, denounces today in La Verità what he defines as “the Easter massacre, another 40 sudden deaths in just five days, during the Easter period, from 16 to 20 April (and many others that are also known to have occurred in the last 48 hours).”

“In the last sixty days there have been more than 200 victims. All people, mostly young, healthy, vaccinated and Covid negative. Many others have been miraculously saved by the use of defibrillators. That is why we are asking for defibrillators everywhere, in schools, in workplaces, in transport.

In Naples, recently, these life-saving instruments, the defibrillators, are also on board the first taxis, ready, in case of need, for customers and passers-by, says Corbelli, who continues his fight, denouncing this tragedy, calling for the immediate suspension of vaccination against covid, at least for those under 40 years of age, who are not at risk of contracting covid and who, unfortunately, continue to be vaccinated.

While the ISS lies and claims that adverse reactions to the vaccine are less than one in a thousand, the shocking slaughter of young and even healthy adults, both vaccinated and Covid negative, continues. The figures are increasingly alarming: over the Easter period, in just five days, from the 16th to the 20th, there were another 40 fatalities. The figures are becoming frightening

In addition to the thousands of serious side effects (people who, after being forced to be vaccinated, are abandoned by the State, forced to try to be cured in some way and at their own expense), there are now hundreds of victims, men and women, many children, many young people, many in their thirties, forties, fifties – Corbelli recalls – all healthy and vaccinated, who continue to die suddenly.

The overall figures for the last sixty days are enough (more than 200 deaths from the end of February to 20 April) to give an idea of this tragedy, which today represents the real national emergency, of which, apart from La Verità and very few online newspapers, no major media, written or audio-visual, talks about it.

I ask: how can we continue to ignore and try to hide this tragedy, which is causing hundreds of deaths and devastating and irreparable suffering in so many families?

“All these victims, whose stories can be read in local newspapers, on the internet and on social networks, have a name and a face, unlike the dead of Covid, whose only known daily figures are their age and previous state of health. For the Draghi-Speranza government and the ISS do not say whether of the 150 (on average) daily deaths from Covid only one, I insist on one, is a young person or whether they are just older people, vaccinated and perhaps with various pathologies. Why – asks Corbelli – does it not shed light on this aspect that would help to understand many things?

Again, I am not making any assumptions or correlations, but I am firmly saying that you cannot and should not die like this, suddenly collapsing at a young age. It is a chilling thing. Everything possible must be done to try to stop this massacre. People die in the street, at work, while playing sports, while entering a shop, while sleeping, while driving, causing serious accidents as well.

“In recent days, a father who was in the car with his son, realising his illness, in order to save his son, had time before he died to stop the vehicle on the motorway, where he was later found dead by rescuers. Others, stricken by illness, suddenly swerve, hit a pole, a wall or run off the road and lose their lives.

How is this possible, what is going on, why do we not give comprehensive and convincing answers to these legitimate and distressing doubts, instead of continuing to talk irresponsibly about the fourth dose and the vaccination of children? Why do we not do something and tell the Italians what is going on?

Many, according to local news reports, can be saved if they are rescued immediately with the use of a defibrillator. At the moment, this seems to be the most immediate intervention, the most effective solution, to try to prevent more unexpected deaths from heart attacks. For this reason, we are now calling for a wide distribution of defibrillators, wherever it is possible to have them always available, of course with someone, prepared, ready to use them in an emergency. As the taxi drivers in Naples started to do”.

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