The potential risks of continued mask use, especially in children.

Many will already know that, for example, the Dutch Government stated that it would not force the use of masks because “their effectiveness has not been proven”, or that the US CDC had to admit that “we never said that masks protect against coronavirus” when it was demonstrated that 85% of newly infected people used masks, and that Vitamins C and D, artemisia annua, magnesium, chlorine dioxide or anything that boosts the immune system are much more effective in preventing viruses. Others may also already know that prolonged and continued use of the mask produces hypoxia, hypercarnia, cellular and tissue oxygen deficiency, choking sensation, fatigue, carbon dioxide buildup in the bloodstream, irregular heartbeat, headache, loss of reflexes, lack of concentration, reduced fine motor skills, anxiety, dehydration and decreased immune system defenses, as the medical journal Discovery DSalud warns. Most diseases require an acidic environment and the mask acidifies the body.

But in the case of children, the mask causes even more damage because they need more oxygen than adults in order to develop properly and being suboxygenated for so many hours a day, for example every school day, can have a very negative effect on the development of children, as 70 Belgian doctors warn in a joint statement in which they state that “The obligation to wear masks in schools is a serious threat to their development. There is no large-scale evidence that wearing masks in a non-work environment has a positive effect on the spread of viruses, let alone on health in general. Nor is there a legal basis for enforcing this obligation” (Source: El Correo de España / La Libre Belgique), or as warned by the pediatrician with more than 55 years of experience Dr. Eduardo Angel Yahbes who says that “The use of face masks in schools has no justification. There are quite convincing elements that indicate that not only is it not beneficial, but it can be harmful, especially for children. The use of a mask produces a decrease in oxygen and an increase in carbon dioxide -which acidifies the organism-, thus lowering defenses and favoring diseases. Cultures of chapsticks used for eight hours, for example, have been made and 82 strains of different germs and 4 strains of fungi have been developed. Children have become ill due to the use of the mask because it produces bronchopulmonary infections. And low oxygen alters brain function. The mask is contraindicated when doing physical activity, so let’s imagine a child with a mask on when doing some activity and he/she is even more hypoxia because muscular activity requires oxygen. Then the oxygenated blood goes down to the brain. There are even neurologists who say that it can cause irreversible neurodevelopmental disorders. This is barbaric, bestial. There is no justification for it. And, from the human point of view, we must not forget that the fact of submitting to a chinstrap is a form of slavery” (Source: Tierra Pura / La Prensa AR), or as Dr. Bob Hamilton, American pediatrician, warned. Bob Hamilton, American pediatrician and member of the ‘American Frontline Doctors’ who said that “children cope very well with the disease, there are infinitely few who are infected and then they do not transmit the virus” and therefore measures for them are unnecessary, or as Dr. Mark Whoolhouse, from Scotland, warned,

specialist in pediatric infectious diseases and epidemiologist, who stated that “there is not a single documented case of a student, a child, having transmitted the virus to his teacher” (Source: The Researcher), or as warned by Dr. Margarite Griesz-Brisson, German specialist in neurophysiology and neurotoxicology, who said that “I don’t wear a mask, I need my brain to think. I want to think clearly when I care for my patients, and not be anesthetized with carbon dioxide. There is no medical exception for the [imposition] of masks because lack of oxygen is dangerous for all brains. Every human being should be free to decide whether he or she wants to wear an absolutely ineffective mask to protect himself or herself from a virus. For children and adolescents, facemasks should be an absolute prohibition. Children and adolescents have an extremely active and adaptive immune system and need constant interaction with the earth’s microbiome. Their brains are also incredibly active because they have so much to learn. The child’s, or adolescent’s, brain is thirsty for oxygen. The more metabolically active the organ, the more oxygen it needs. In children and adolescents, every organ is metabolically active. Depriving a child’s or adolescent’s brain of oxygen, or restricting it in any way, is not only dangerous to their health, it is downright criminal. Lack of oxygen inhibits brain development and the resulting damage cannot be repaired. The child needs the brain to learn, and the brain needs oxygen to function. We don’t need a clinical study to know that. It is a simple and incontrovertible physiological fact. Consciously and deliberately induced oxygen deprivation is an absolute health hazard and an absolute medical contraindication.
Fortunately, there are many countries that do not require the use of masks and among those that do, some have repealed this rule for children, as is the case in Italy, (where the Italian Council of State has banned the requirement for young children after admitting a complaint from parents, the Council ruled that their efficacy has not been proven and their adverse effects have not been evaluated. They say that they cause a lack of oxygenation and that there is a risk of respiratory fatigue, Source: euskalnews) Austria (where the Constitutional Court banned face masks in schools, Source: mpr21) and some German Länder where it is obligatory in common areas but not in classrooms.

And in the countries where it is officially said to be compulsory, let it be remembered that this is against international bioethics treaties, against human rights and that it is illegal. No one is really obliged. Let the parents seek legal advice, let them do whatever they can, but by reading this article they have already been able to realize that these are not minor damages.

Miquel Ruiz Ferri.

Original news article (in spanish):


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