Confinement and other restrictive measures have no scientific basis.

A scientific study from Stanford University concludes that confinement does not work. Comparing data from several countries, the study finds “no significant beneficial effect” of home confinement and lockdown.

The research was published Jan. 5 in the European Journal of Clinical Investigation, which looked in detail at measures taken in England, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the United States, South Korea and Sweden.

In the case of England, France, Germany and Italy, these were very restrictive measures, while Sweden decided to follow a completely different policy, forgoing the strict measures of the other countries.

“Although small benefits cannot be ruled out, we did not find significant benefits in the use of restrictive measures such as closures. Reductions in cases of infection can be achieved with less restrictive interventions,” the researchers write in the study’s conclusion.

In Spain, the TV “experts” have not been satisfied with the confinement, but have escalated their imbecilities by demanding increasingly restrictive measures to hide the failure of the measures adopted in each and every one of the “waves” of the pandemic.

Some countries, such as the Netherlands, have not seen confinement and curfews since they were occupied by the Nazis in World War II.

Full study avilable here:

Original news article (in spanish):

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