Military and police unions protest against the Italian Green Pass. “Abject measure to force vaccination”.

“Since we are firmly convinced of the freedom of choice regarding the vaccination of citizens, police and military, we do not consider the Green Pass measure useful, as it is an abject, mortifying and discriminatory measure, of which we have recorded with bitterness the fact that the President of the Republic has been careful not to stop its advent. Moreover, as we now sadly know, it is a surreptitious measure whose avowed aim is to force vaccination by playing with the right to work and inviolable human freedoms.”

So began the brief but peremptory press release signed by trade union representatives of some law enforcement agencies and related military associations references. Sergio Scalzo (COSAP – Police Trade Union Coordination), Domenico Mastrulli (Trade Union Federation Co.SP – Prison Trade Union Coordination), Luca Marco Comellini (Military Trade Union), Giuseppe De Finis (Federation of Military Workers), Pasquale Valente (Democratic Workers of Finanza Union) have signed a common note to express their disagreement against the application of the compulsory Green Pass for state and public workers decided by the government of Mario Draghi from 15 October 2021.

As it is already known in Italy, any worker who does not report to work with the green pass will temporarily stay at home, which can only be obtained by certifying vaccination against Covid with at least one dose or by showing the result of a swab (molecular or salivary negative). The strong protest of many Italians is due to the fact that in France and Austria (for example) the tests are free of charge, while in Italy they are still paid for.

In recent days, the National Secretary of the Italian Army of the Federation of Military Workers, Piero Angelo De Ruvo, had sent a letter to the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella to denounce the unconstitutional and discriminatory aspects of the green certificate.

But before a reply came from the Quirinal (the seat of the President of the Republic), the Council of Ministers accelerated everywhere the deadline for the compulsory nature of the Green Pass, making inevitable a new charge, this time coming from the National Secretariat of the Federation of Military Workers, where all the armed forces are represented. (Army, Navy, Air Force, Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza) and the Italian Auxiliary Military Corps (Red Cross Volunteers, Volunteer Nurses, Order of Malta, Military Ordinariate).

On 21 September, President Mattarella signed the Green Pass decree containing “urgent measures to ensure that public and private security activities operate within the framework of the COVID-19 green certification and the strengthening of the screening system”. It will therefore be published in the next few hours in the Official Journal.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that there are up to 21,000 state police officers who have not yet been vaccinated, causing alarm in the Ministry of Interior, led by Luciana Lamorgese, which could face a drastic shortage of personnel once the Green Pass becomes mandatory.

It is a situation similar to that of many US soldiers who even take religious exemption to avoid the Covid vaccinations imposed by the Pentagon on the orders of US President Joseph Biden.

But union representatives of the state police, prison police, finance and army go beyond censure of the imposition of the green certificate and say they are prepared to take concrete actions of democratic dissent.

“For these reasons, we join the referendum against the Green Pass without delay, share the reasons and hope for its success. It is a battle of civilisation to which we adhere because we are aware of our role as representatives of the rights of the military and police and this, in addition to the precise duty to safeguard the Constitution and the free democratic institutions whose expression by referendum is the highest, obliges us to fight using any legal instrument capable of making the right and the rights of our members prevail”, the police and military unions’ communiqué in fact states.

“While waiting for a fair justice to erase the unacceptable coercion to which the government of the best has already subjected millions of citizens, we believe that the administrations must assume the costs related to the administration of tests to preserve the health of their staff and ensure the healthiness of the workplace as expressly provided for in article 15 of Legislative Decree 81/2008, on occupational health and safety”.

This is the firm conclusion of the note signed by Sergio Scalzo (COSAP – Police Union Coordination), Domenico Mastrulli (Union Federation Co.SP Coordination Prison Union), Luca Marco Comellini (Military Union), Giuseppe De Finis (Federation of Military Workers), Pasquale Valente (Democratic Workers of the Union Finanza).

The compulsory green pass was launched by the Council of Ministers unanimously and therefore also with the consent of the Northern League, which, through the mouth of national secretary Matteo Salvini, had initially opposed the extension of the compulsory green certificate to state and administration officials.

This provoked the first political reactions. Francesca Donato MEP announced in a note her farewell to the League. “After long and deep reflection, I have taken the painful decision to leave the party from which I was elected,” she said. My choice,” she explained, “has matured after months in which the values in which I firmly believe, those of equality, individual freedom and human dignity, have been increasingly trampled on by the measures adopted by the national government, of which the League is a member. Despite our leader’s assurances and internal battles, liberticidal and discriminatory decrees have been passed which, in my opinion, are incompatible with the fundamental principles of our judicial system.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisi.

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