Africa opposes WHO ‘pandemic treaty’ proposed by US to be adopted by WHO

Representatives of African member countries of the World Health Organisation (WHO) yesterday opposed the reform of the International Health Regulations, better known as the “pandemic treaty”, proposed by the United States at the World Health Assembly, the supreme decision-making body of the UN’s global health body, meeting in Geneva.

The International Health Regulations are a set of legally binding rules designed to impose the elimination of people’s fundamental rights under health pretexts, as well as erect barriers to the international movement of people and goods.

The proposal was brought to the floor by the US and seeks to authorise the deployment of teams of “experts” to certain locations and the creation of a new compliance committee to oversee implementation of the rules. But African countries have objected, arguing for the adoption of the whole package of reforms to improve the functioning of the WHO.

“The African region shares the view that the process should not be accelerated,” Moses Keetile, permanent undersecretary of Botswana’s health ministry, told the meeting on behalf of the African representatives.

In addition to the African countries, Iran and Malaysia have also expressed reservations about the reform of the International Health Regulations. Russia has submitted a draft reform of the regulations.

The 75th session of the World Health Assembly, which runs until 28 May, has set itself the goal of developing a comprehensive and far-reaching reform of the global health system. Among the key reforms on the table are a treaty on pandemics and a draft resolution to gradually increase WHO member states’ mandatory contributions to cover half of the institution’s budget by 2030-2031.

The WHO is a parasitic body, full of bums and figurines. So far, member states’ contributions only cover about 16 percent of the organisation’s budget. The rest of the funding comes from so-called voluntary contributions from countries, other international organisations and private actors, which has turned the body into one of the many tentacles of the pharmaceutical monopolies.

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