The EU already predicted the monkeypox epidemic in a very explicit comic book in 2012.

We all know now that this whole farce of the last two years has been long planned and organised around depopulation with great suffering for the people and the taking of illegal interests, corruption and looting of government coffers, we know that they have organised it all and now it is absolutely mandatory and necessary to stop these genocidal madmen of humanity.

The comic “Infected”, funded by the European Commission, foresaw a global blockade following the escape of the B1049 disease from a Chinese testing centre experimenting with deadly pathogens. Like the coronavirus pandemic, the dummy virus was transmitted from animals to humans before spreading rapidly around the world through international travel and trade links. The publication, published in 2012, tells the story of how the EU played a leading role in the international effort to control the epidemic.

As infections spread around the world, the EU Parliament and Council Commission officials took credit for bringing the disease under control.

They claimed to have been at the forefront of a global effort to find a vaccine, which kept the number of deaths worldwide below one million.

But they were only able to act with the help of a time traveller who went back in time to warn of the pandemic that had killed nearly a billion people in the future.

He befriended Chan Wenling – whose Chinese lab chief had passed on the deadly disease to an unsuspecting journalist – and tried to convince people to act together to save lives.

The EU-funded comic book “Infected” told the story of a global pandemic in 2012 (Image: European Commission).

However, in another parallel to the real pandemic, their efforts to save the situation were nearly thwarted by a rogue official who wanted to cover up the lab’s leak.

He uses the disease to seize control of democracy by enforcing draconian social distancing rules and manufacturing fake vaccines.

This fictitious publication was edited by the European Commission’s section in charge of international cooperation and development.

Although the story bears a striking resemblance to the coronavirus pandemic, it has been published as an educational tool.

European Union officials play a leading role in controlling the pandemic (Image: EUROPEAN COMMISSION)

Eurocrats wanted to inform readers about the dangers of a possible pandemic – including Ebola and SARS – and how the EU would react.

“Although the story is fictional, it is interspersed with some real facts,” the publication explains.

An accompanying fact sheet explains the need for “pandemic preparedness”, “cross-sectoral cooperation” and managing “interactions between animals, humans and their various environments”.

It even advocates “better surveillance” of diseases transmitted between animals and humans, and even limiting the size of populations to avoid a future epidemic.

In the comic, the pandemic started in a Chinese laboratory (Image: EUROPEAN COMMISSION )

“About 70% of new human infectious diseases originate in animals,” he says.

“The number of DIDs is increasing exponentially, with new ones being diagnosed almost every year.

“Better disease surveillance may partly explain this trend, but the main factor seems to be the increase in the size of human and animal populations, as well as dramatic changes in human and animal movements around the world in the context of globalisation.

“Diseases know no borders. Viruses and other agents benefit from larger population reservoirs, more numerous contacts between populations of varying specificities, and a strong stimulation of circulation across the globe”.

Romanian MEP Cristian Terheş, from the conservative ECR group, said: “How the EU propaganda turned out to be wrong.

British coronavirus figures compared internationally by a WHO expert.

“European citizens have been told that the solution to their problems is to leave more and more power to nation states in favour of the European bureaucracy in Brussels, which supposedly knows best what needs to be done across the EU.

“However, the latest coronavirus pandemic has shown that the EU has done too little too late to help nation states cope. It has been months since the pandemic hit European economies and the EU has still not been able to develop a recovery plan to help member states overcome the economic crisis. Instead of acting quickly to assess the problem and help states, the EU bureaucracy is negotiating behind closed doors and under the table to include provisions in this plan that could help some states but weaken others. One of these provisions is to focus this recovery plan on the utopian Green Deal.

Solidarity, the foundation of the European concept, is not achieved when the EU imposes a single set of rules from above, but when Brussels listens to nation states and helps them do what is best for their own citizens. National governments, in touch with the needs of their people, know the problems better and can act more quickly to solve them”.

Since the coronavirus epidemic, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has been trying to promote an EU effort to find a vaccine.

The German has even organised an “international engagement” summit to help raise funds from other world leaders for this project.

Synopsis: “Mrs Chan Wenling and her friend from the future embark on an exciting adventure to convince people to act together and save the world. Although the story is fictional, it is interwoven with some real facts”.

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