I will start by clarifying that there is no reference on the Internet to a similar study. I think this is something very important, which I will summarize as follows: at 5G frequencies of 42.6 GHz, 1.2 nm nanotubes injected into vaccines resonate and propagate a high-energy signal at the average speed of human thought.

Something struck me when I saw a catalog selling graphene nanotubes from the company Nanografi. I was struck by the nanotubes’ precise length of 1.2 nanometers, or 1.2 x 10-⁹ m. Since I already knew the 5G microwave frequencies, in the 10 to 300 GHz range (1 GHz = 10⁹/s), I was struck by the curious coincidence of how those precise powers of 10 canceled out in the well-known wave mechanics formula: f = v/λ . It calls attention to anyone with an engineering background who isn’t sleepwalking!

Graphene nanopowder molecules hooked to artificial mRNA.

However, although the powers of the data seemed to fit, it was necessary to find out whether or not the resulting wave velocity made biological/anatomical sense in a human being. And, indeed, it does make sense. It fits the speed of human thought completely.

What follows is very simple for anyone with a basic knowledge of physics:

  1. There are results from studies that show that an average neuron sends signals at about 180 km/h. … Certain factors combined would increase the speed up to 432 km/h. There is a lot of variation: some humans think faster than others and the speed of thought propagation changes over a lifetime. This is basic to what follows.

We will take the average thought speed of 180 km/h. That is, 180,000 m/3600 s = 50 m/s.

  1. On the other hand, the fullerenes or nanotubes apparently used in vaccines do exist, and they are on sale in the market at quite reasonable prices. For example, the aforementioned company Nanografi sells nanotubes such as the one below:

Fullerene-C60, Price: 88 €/gr.
Purity: 99.5%.
Fullerene Electrical Resistivity 1034 ohms/m
Fullerene Appearance Shinning Black

For sale, 1.2 nm length, 0.8 nm radius. Full accuracy.

Suppose it was precisely this 1.2 nm nanotube that was injected into the Covid19 vaccines.

Let’s see what happens if we resonate these nanotubes with microwave radiation from outside the human body containing them:

If the velocity of a wave is v , the frequency is: f = v/λ . Resonant frequencies are equally spaced multiples of a lower frequency called the fundamental frequency. The multiples are called harmonics.

Knowing the transmission rate caused by microwaves in the human brain, let’s see if it is the product of the frequency times the particle length. If so, we are well screwed! If the particle is 1.2 nm, like the one in the example for sale, and the frequency 41.6 GHz, a frequency within the 5G range, then:

1,2 x10-⁹ . 41.6 x 10-⁹ = 50 m/s, which is the speed of thought inside the brain. It need not be exactly that speed. It is to show that the result of applying microwave radiation to nanotubes produces transmission speeds in the brain that are “natural”, i.e., similar to the speed of human thought.

When the nanotubes, attached to the synapses of the neurons (which they have already been shown to do), enter into resonance due to external microwave radiation of the precise frequency, the amplitudes or powers dissipated by these nanotubes, which transmit the vibration at the speed of thought, do so with a power that can be extremely dangerous for the brain itself, even if the radiated power of the external wave is not too high. That is resonance: that each cycle increases the amplitude of the previous one without any kind of limit.


This wave speed in the human brain is achievable for ordinary nanotubes and frequencies radiated by 5G antennas. This is not speculation, but science and technique combined. The materials exist and so do microwaves of the right frequencies. The speed of human thought fits both in a precise formula of physics that is absolutely incontestable.

It cannot be a coincidence.

Felix Udivarri
(Seen in https://acratasnet.wordpress.com/)


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