Recordings of rapes of minors found on Ukrainian servicemen’s cellphones

What the fuck is wrong with these people.

The commanders of the Tornado volunteer unit, on the Kiev side and already arrested, allegedly raped even babies. The article was originally published in the Madrid daily ABC, but was removed from the website.

The cell phones of commanders of the Tornado volunteer unit, who have fought on the Kiev side in the conflict against Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, contained recordings of rapes of minors, Ukrainian MP Tatyana Chronovol has claimed.

“When Tornado commanders were detained, their cell phones were seized. There were some really scary videos on them, with orgies and rapes,” Chronovol said in an interview with a local channel reported by Russia Today.

“There were even babies. I suppose that the mothers of those babies were forced to do this under the threat of death of their children,” said the deputy and activist, who kept a high profile during the mobilizations of the so-called EuroMaidan that deposed the Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovych.

“There were also rapes of underage girls in those videos,” she has stated.

Eight members of this unit who were arrested last June are under judicial investigation. They face charges of kidnapping and torture of the local population, in the Lugansk region. According to the investigation, members of Tornado installed a torture chamber on the first floor of a local school.

This ultra-nationalist group was formed in October 2014 as part of a Ukrainian Interior Ministry strategy. Tornado was linked to the disbanded Shakhtersk battalion, which was accused of staging systematic looting.

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